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The Abandoned Crate
The Abandoned Crate by unitool
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raspatan Rep. 3003
#20   13 Jun 2020
This one had a lot of potential, but weapon choice and item placement subtracts considerably from gameplay.
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melon unregistered
#19   13 Mar 2002
oh and i guess i should say more...(really love this map)

its great with a room full of people. the rocket launcher is perfect at the bottom, the GL at top to shoot down, brilliant. if it had a quad down by the teleport maybe? anyways love the map!

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melon unregistered
#18   13 Mar 2002
i love this map. if only my friends would too. im gonna check out all your others.
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unitool unregistered
#17   22 Sep 2001
heheh...hidden monkey.
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Railgun Freak unregistered
#16   22 Sep 2001
It needs a railgun. Other than that, it's a bitchin' level! I'll be having some great one on ones with this map, and it even has a mysterious crate for bonus playability.

But the best part is that hidden monkey. Once it gets out of the crate there's no putting it back in, just shoot it with a shotgun to put it out of its misery.

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Featured Ripper unregistered
#15   23 Jul 2001
Jumping Jack Flash- this is a gas! Dive on in baby!
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Monaco unregistered
#14   17 Jul 2001
I don't miss the RG at all. I need to polish up my GL skillz anyway, this'll do the trick.

Feels a lot like Q2 for some reason. Not a bad thing. Not my favorite Unitool map, but a keeper nonetheless.

8 for the crate!

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nakedape unregistered
#13   10 Jul 2001
i'm not sure why, but for some reason i feel i should stand up and scream "TIMMAY"!!!!
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pjw unregistered
#12   10 Jul 2001
Hi, my name is pjw and I am a crateaholic.
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unitool unregistered
#11   10 Jul 2001
pjw had to visit a counselor to help him deal with his crate area fixation. ;)
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Type 40 unregistered
#10   10 Jul 2001
Hehe - you CAN get up to the crate... nice one pjw!
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Thundachikn unregistered
#9   09 Jul 2001
Great job as always uni...

hmmm as a RA3 arena huh..? Well whaddya think uni I happen to know of a current project that might let you contribute if ya want.. hehe..

Keep up the good work...

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unitool unregistered
#8   09 Jul 2001
I knew some folks would question leaving out the RG, but I think it'll be ok.

Thanks for the nice comments!

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pjw unregistered
#7   09 Jul 2001
I love this map. Pure and simple. :-)

And Octovus, you can reach the crate via rocket jumping and/or teleport. I'm not saying any more then that. ;-)

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Octovus unregistered
#6   09 Jul 2001
Erag um geeze. I meant two opponents not two people, lol, I dunno what the hell I was thinking...
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Octovus unregistered
#5   09 Jul 2001
Anyone else think this should be put in a custom RA3 map as an arena? Maybe Unitool is doing that for all I know, since he's been involved with some projects in the past...

Anyways. It's very small. Two people seems to work quite well, because I really don't enjoy tourney. Also there are a few too many resources for two people I find.

To validate that statement: I don't like tourney, but even if I did it seemed to go a little slow as a tournament, where as two people you were more likely to be fighting.

The grenade launcher was interesting, in that it was hard to nail someone getting the RL with it. It was more useful to spam the tops of bouncepads or the tele destination, contrary to what I thought at first.

I was just wondering if there was any way to get up to that "Abandoned Crate"? I went into spectator mode and checked, so there's no clip brushes, but rocketjumping there seems almost impossible. That's probably better anyways, be impossible to find anyone up there :-p

Over all, nice, but very small, which is in the end what the author intended. Oh, and no rail gun. Yeesh. What good would that have done in here?

<i>Thinks Juz does not realise the potency of the shotgun*

Try this: 75 health 0 armor in ra3, rocket launcher, shotgun, grenade launcher, railgun for weapons. That'll teach you to respect the shotgun :-)


P.S. Gave you a 7...7.5 really, but no such thing :-( Yah I know that's not proper rounding :-p

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nanoSpawn unregistered
#4   09 Jul 2001
I find it a bit little for tourney Shouldnt that be small? :P, just annoying ya

I followed almost all the betas at q3world, and im impressed on how nice works playtesting from other dudes :)

Nice looks, and good gameplay, not lots of layout there, but a tiny piece for some fast frags, yeah :)

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wviperw unregistered
#3   09 Jul 2001
LOL, another person(juz) who thinks it shoulda had a railgun.
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Auhsan unregistered
#2   09 Jul 2001
great map.

I find it a bit little for tourney anyway, but it works and makes great FFAs too... great aesthetics too.

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POLO unregistered
#1   09 Jul 2001
super unitool!

i think it is better with no railgun.

the fist beta was another map you really doing great job!

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