Concreteology by Nickster
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6324
#1   15 Nov 2019
While this level could be criticised for having a simple layout (which it has), I kind of really like this in a TA map because it really encourages teamwork and makes for very exciting games especially in harvest and overload, and several of the base TA stock are simple in layout for just that very reason and I very much enjoy playing those. The texturing is simple, so to be fair I've taken half a point off for that, and it really could have made use of guard, especially in the game types where the mega health doesn't spawn - so 1/2 a point off for that, so I'm giving it a 4 and will be playing it again. Also if the doubler and ammo regen had been swapped round for the scouts this might have helped soften the base defenses. But with 2-3 a side this is not so much of an issue. the invulnerability alternately spawns close to each base but in the central area so no unfair advantage here; the area just becomes a very strategic place to control.
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