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Outpost 0240
Outpost 0240 by Akuma
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Takkie Rep. 1598
#12   16 Jan 2015
For a space map it is quite good, perhaps a tad on the small size wich narrows the gameplay.
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FragTastic Rep. 1474
#11   29 Feb 2012
Not bad. I think a lot more work could be done and improved. 8/10
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FLUFFY unregistered
#10   23 Jul 2001
This map gotta rulle++++++

see ya on lan

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Akuma unregistered
#9   12 Jun 2001
oooh, thanks guys :)
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fury unregistered
#8   11 Jun 2001
Quite an excellent little map. Akuma's work keeps getting better and better!
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Assalicious unregistered
#7   10 Jun 2001
As usual Akuma delivers the goods. The trim is nice and the flow perfect. An absolute keeper!
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St*r69 unregistered
#6   10 Jun 2001
here's an idea: don't camp and play like a man?


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cyberhazard unregistered
#5   10 Jun 2001
Looks sweet, fun to play with humans. Weapon placement could have been tweeked a little, too easy to spank bot's even on nightmare level. Just camp up high & rail em down as fast as they spaun.
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Jabby unregistered
#4   09 Jun 2001
Actually it's for KO, which will be starting up again soon.
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Akuma unregistered
#3   09 Jun 2001
HAHAHA, j00!

No it's not a Speedmap. It was built for a MOD for Q3A but I modfied it a little for 1v1/FFA and released it :)

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Scampie unregistered
#2   09 Jun 2001
One of your speedmaps Akuma?


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Equim unregistered
#1   09 Jun 2001
Good work here Akuma :)

It's a good map for rail practice, and it's fun to get the rocket / rail combos :)

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