Mowjoes' Joust Hall 2
Mowjoes' Joust Hall 2 by Mowjoe
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Tig Rep. 1692
#23   26 May 2009
The download has been corrected and now contains a PK3 and an arena file so you can load the map from the tourney or FFA menus.

If you already have the map, cityy's method below will work as well.

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cityy Rep. 373
#22   26 May 2009
put the included files into your baseq3/maps directory
1 start q3a
2 hit ~
3 type /map Joust2

Edited: 26 May 2009 AEST

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not entered unregistered
#21   20 Nov 2002
cant get this map to work i tryed everything .it keeps telling me that it cant find bsp. in my console when i try to load.the bsp is in the zip file so what gives ?what do i need to do?help
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ocamsrazor unregistered
#20   21 May 2000
Originality, GREAT
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[rl]sdsd unregistered
#19   18 May 2000
Um, this about the best map for practicing strafing. A bunch of friends of us had races and stuff, it rules. And rj over the middle!!
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Mowjoe unregistered
#18   12 May 2000
More!? you want.....MORE!?

Okie doke, I'll get to werk on a special Joust Map PAK :D.

I'll do the original again so its werks....;D plus some variations on the theme. Stay tuned.

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dj.ELviS unregistered
#17   28 Apr 2000
BAH.. forget it;got it to work by making a map directory in the baseq q3 file. forgot to check but if its in the skirmish menu that is a solution to some map problems..

havent tried it yet but .. have yall seen rail2 ..the train..that was fun, heehe, well ;P

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RiO unregistered
#16   22 Mar 2000
Woa, amazing!

This map has become a regular at my LAN and is played by us nearly every night. If you don't have this, you are missing out....

But... Slightly annoying and repetitive textures (those stars at each end). Still a minor niggle.

I suggest to the author a CTF version :->

I wont moreeeee!

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Uni unregistered
#15   12 Mar 2000
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Snarz unregistered
#14   06 Mar 2000
Completely FOGGIN awesome. I dig maps like this. You feel really gravy when you get a perfectly timed Mid-Air kill. Nice work Mowjoe
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Inside unregistered
#13   28 Feb 2000
well, it's another's not my way, but's it's not that bad.
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bighead unregistered
#12   25 Feb 2000
loved it man
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kaled unregistered
#11   20 Feb 2000
as much as i hate calling anyone named hendrix a fool...

/map joust2, dumbass ;)

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Jim unregistered
#10   15 Feb 2000
Joust? No, it's not a joust- it's railgun skeet shooting. Quite a bit of fun, throw in about a half dozen bots on bring it on skill, grab a railgun and force yourself to land. Get close to one of the ends (but not too close where you could get pushed back into the bounce pads), look back across the middle, and start shootin'!

Nice "map", and a very interesting and fun concept. I would have given it a higher grade if it had more architectural detail. I'd be interested in seeimg any future versions of this concept.

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d3f3nd3r unregistered
#9   13 Feb 2000
heh heh, actually this map reminded me of some of the tunnels from 'shadowman' when I first played it.
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Sundown unregistered
#8   12 Feb 2000
Won't hit it too hard cuz its a worthy experiment. Just didn't hold my interest long. The lead singer of Prodigy would probably want to colonize this place.
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smeghead unregistered
#7   12 Feb 2000
Hrmm...Dunno If I said it was "great fun" enough times in that post that I did. :)
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smeghead unregistered
#6   12 Feb 2000

this map was great fun. Obviously not much to look at, but with a few bots or preferably people, this map can be great fun. :)

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d3f3nd3r unregistered
#5   12 Feb 2000
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, since I think this is the longest open area in any quake3 map at the moment, try firing a rocket from one end to the other and check out how long it takes to hit the wall. ;)
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d3f3nd3r unregistered
#4   12 Feb 2000
Heh, excellent. I was thinking about doing something like this the other day, only with a huge trampoline jump pad ala wdf instead of the tennis ball thing. It's cool, although it's really hard to score rail hits (for me anyway). I'll have to try that strafe jump race though. ;)
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e-r0ck unregistered
#3   12 Feb 2000
this map be fun as hell yo. just download it NOW


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[PhD]Pressure unregistered
#2   12 Feb 2000
An easy map, great idea. Gave me the Qpong feeling from Q2. Good job Mowjoe...keep it up d00d.
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[rl]demonb unregistered
#1   12 Feb 2000
this map is really fun for a change and its an interesting idea. I had a good time on it with some of my clan. One very fun thing to do (not what it was intended for)is line everyone up at one end and have a strafe jump race with a rj in middle to clear the wall and then back again. We messed around on it for hours Great fun! ;-)
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