Clash of Colors
Clash of Colors by Blink
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raspatan Rep. 4510
#8   25 May 2020
I only see this map ever being fun if playing against a few friends. Bots don't venture upstairs. Design could have been much better. For instance, it is not possible to exit the uper room from the bounce. Why such unnecessary restriction?
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RasputiN unregistered
#7   08 Nov 2002
OMFG you people really need to get a clue, this map is listed on
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kikou unregistered
#6   26 Apr 2001
Well We played very good gmae on this map !!!
We love little map and they aren't not enought on lvl.
continue to make simple and small map, blink !!!
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Blue Phreak unregistered
#5   20 Dec 2000
Best maps are the darker opend maps not the small bright (Except coral map)

Go to my Mod Home Page


juz incase the top doesnt work

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PogoJoe unregistered
#4   28 Jun 2000
Snipe at the bridge, rocket elsewhere. Would be nice if the enemy didn't near the flag so much though.
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Jim unregistered
#3   16 Feb 2000
Not bad, not good, somwehere in between. It's a bit too dark, and too small for a CTF, but I guess it would be good for up to a 3 vs 3.
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Blink unregistered
#2   13 Feb 2000
Thanks for the comments, though mostly negative, they help me learn from my mistakes. My follow up map is coming along nicely and will be a lot better in every possible way.
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Ramuh unregistered
#1   12 Feb 2000
It was a little dark in some areas.
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