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MKBASE - Feel The Base
MKBASE - Feel The Base by Killer
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Gorf unregistered
#24   18 Apr 2015
Excellent map
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I_like_quake Rep. 103
#23   01 Jun 2013
I hate to be THAT guy but a lightning gun in the center would have spiced things up a bit, Still a fantastic map.
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Sergey Olshin unregistered
#22   07 Mar 2013
I want to see this map on QuakeLive. Who wants to see it too - please, send the message here - http://www.quakelive...256000#post256000
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PaN61 Rep. 180
#21   30 May 2010
A very enjoyable CTF map. The ikbase textures are smooth and used well in the map, the architecture is good and gameplay is excellent. Bots navigate the map really good and without any signs of problems. The item placement is excellent but the rocket launcher could have been placed a bit further away from the center of the map. The connectivity of the map is really good with a number of paths to the flag room.

Bots seemed to travel through the center of the map to get the enemies flag. I spotted a few times that bots go for the rail gun but never use the sides of the map to get the enemies flag.

Really good map Killer, 8.5/10.

Edited: 30 May 2010 AEST

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IDAHO unregistered
#20   26 Jun 2009
Awsome map! It's in our server map rotation!
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Openfrags unregistered
#19   04 Mar 2009
For a CTF Map it is very funny as FFA. A lot of funny frags for us (5 Player + 3 Bots).
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sess unregistered
#18   26 May 2005
i think it deserves a 10!!!
its so good
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NJ unregistered
#17   20 Jun 2002
My favourite CTF map, play it all the time.
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kedawei unregistered
#16   29 Sep 2001
One of my favorite maps. It's simple yet effective and the bots play it very well.
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SuBa unregistered
#15   25 Jul 2001
Damn fine map, but not competition playable as it is. I think it's a little too focused in the middle where a lot of spammy is gonna happen. However this could rival W2 with some tweaking. Things I'd like to see:

- bases bigger so there's room to duel/move in

- RL in the base nearer flag

- LG when RL currently is

- bouncepad in base

- move 50% health out of bottom tunnel (near the +5% healths), maybe around corner.

This map is so good, I really wish it could be tweaked up.

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Ping Floyd unregistered
#14   11 Jul 2001
Another excellent map from Killer. Base and Finger are two of my all time favs. Superior maps, keep 'em coming.
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Errrr? unregistered
#13   26 May 2001
Nice layout, the textures give it a cheap look, and I'd like to see what it'd look like with better textures, but they are different which might be good for some people. Few spots where hint brushes could have been used to keep the fps dipping in some spots, and some unnecesary use of clip brushes which hurt it a bit. Still a nice map though. Good job.
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q3freak unregistered
#12   26 May 2001

Bold should be only:

good placement

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q3freak unregistered
#11   26 May 2001
It's a very nice map. I like the ctf-modus in this map, also the ffa. I think, the items, especially the healths are in a good placement - I need healths :-)

And after playing this map, I try to create my own ctf-map!

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Killer unregistered
#10   26 May 2001
Interesting suggestions. I deliberately omitted a way from the mid level of the base to the upper level to make players have to rocket jump (i.e. suffer a bit) to take the easier route out of the base. Thanks for the feedback anyway.

Null: glad you like it, don't see why you should have any missing textures. I really hope it is just you :-) What textures are missing?

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null unregistered
#9   26 May 2001
Once I see killer's maps I know its his. Nice. Clean. Sweet. I just don't know if its me, well it probably is, because none of the comments say its missing a few textures. Nonetheless, I'll pack this one up for my mother's b-day present. SHe likes quake.
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Avertion unregistered
#8   26 May 2001
Mainly just item placement, the removal of invisibility and the placement of a bounce pad from the mid lvl of the base by the flag to the upper lvl.
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Killer unregistered
#7   25 May 2001
I'd be interested to hear what tweaks you would suggest Avertion. I don't think I will be doing another version of this map but I would be interested to hear what you propose all the same :-)
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Avertion unregistered
#6   24 May 2001
Damn man, awesome map, with a few tweaks I could see this map having a chance at the next threewave compalation
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hannibal unregistered
#5   24 May 2001
Hmm. I thought the Scout might be gratuitous here, but it actually works nicely. This level is just so inviting, on many level. Please keep making CTF/TA maps Killer...we need more gifted mappers like you making 'em. Great job!
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Eggman unregistered
#4   24 May 2001
Great map. Worth every bit of bandwith.
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Killer unregistered
#3   24 May 2001
Thanks Tig and all. Glad you like the map. The two 25 healths were really put there for the benefit of the defence (as in Q3CTF1) but I like em :-) For your information I also released a Team Arena version of the map yesterday which supports all the new gametypes and plays even better with the Team Arena bots, weapons and power ups. Download and details at my site:

<a href="http://www.planetquake.com/killer" target="_blank">http://www.planetqua.../killer</a>

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WarMachine unregistered
#2   24 May 2001
nice nice textures not over done great games play, great for 2 to 3 players on each side nice work killer...:)


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ian unregistered
#1   24 May 2001
Great map..can't get enough of the ikbase textures. Has a clean asthetic..which seems to be trademark of killer.

Good stuff.

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