Haunted Church
Haunted Church by Curt Collins & Manfred Neber
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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#4   06 Feb 2012
The textures look absolutely amazing!. Dosen't really look haunted but i got to say, A fine piece of art you got there :).
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redfella unregistered
#3   03 Aug 2006
reminds me of World of Warcraft for some reason! :)
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Mikie unregistered
#2   15 May 2001
Yea, got to credit these guys. The texture work is terrific. It's definitly worth checking out. Cool models as well.

I agree, the game play isn't there. Hell, it don't even have bot support. It's hard to beleive this is first map with all the textures and models though. These guys have some talent!

People should download this just to walk around and trip on it. I wish more maps were this colorful.


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Alabaster_20 unregistered
#1   15 May 2001
You can tell this guy spent a lot of time on this..It lacks game play like it says up there

but the inginuity makes up for it

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