Runaround by Neotic
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raspatan Rep. 4510
#11   18 Mar 2021
Nice idea in terms of base structure and middle but design does not contribute to gameplay. Base is too difficult to attack (poor connectivity all over), too prone to defensive camping (RG is too easy to get for such purpose). Reaching the flag seems particularly difficult. Too much water in the base too. It just slows things down.
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FragTastic Rep. 2325
#10   15 Jan 2012
Wow! Normally i hate these kind of maps but looking at it now is just wonderful. 9/10.
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hannibal unregistered
#9   15 Sep 2001
Needs major performance tweaking, chuck the RG, fixed aas, etc. Promising, but not finished.
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NeXuS unregistered
#8   01 May 2001
Man this map sucks so much.

The guy had some good ideas, which sunk in the awful gameplay. About that "runaround", this map has more the feeling of a "crawlaround"

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Morchuflex unregistered
#7   30 Apr 2001
The map looks real nice, but strangely it completely cripples my computer at times, at least when bots are included (and yet...1.333 GHz TBird, DDR GeForce, 256 Megs of RAM). WHY ?
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<|3FG20K> unregistered
#6   26 Apr 2001
The map is alright. I wouldn't call it professional, or very adequate as far as speed goes... But I like the idea. The author should figure out a way to make the r_speeds alot lower... a few ways to do this would be to use better brush integration, better curve usage, and possibly a better waterr texture (water textures are consistently repeated, and they make VERY high r_speeds in a wide concentration. One last hint - instead of making a room with tons of shit behind a window and door, there should have been another vis blocker keeping anyone looking around the bases from seeing all of the items... The models raise the r_speeds too, unfortunately... Overall, the gameplay in this map is excellent, but there needs to be a better attempt at construction technique next time.


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Pogo unregistered
#5   25 Apr 2001
I thought the map was good. I like the water all around, treading water allows you to not be rocket/grenade fodder.

For some reason Q3 was running out of memory with this map with 8 different bots. I run 8 bots on many maps with no problems. This is with 256MB of system ram.

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PloP unregistered
#4   24 Apr 2001
LOL..... this is almost the worst ctf map i have ever seen !

i think i hated the mlctf maps and gefsctf2 a bit more, but otherwise this takes the prize.

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sux0r unregistered
#3   24 Apr 2001
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Neotic unregistered
#2   24 Apr 2001
I have four other Prisoner of War maps, soon to be JailBreak: Prisoners of War (mods are merging). But, like I converted this map, I plan on convertign them as well.

What should I change in this map to appease the CTFer's here? I added a guard rail, and threw in some other quirks.

And if anyone would like to see the others as they are converted for testing purposes, just drop me an email at the above address.

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Tetzlaff unregistered
#1   24 Apr 2001
It´s too easy to kick offenders in to the water and too hard to get out of the water.

The architectural details look really good, but they are just unrelated structures put together inside a very large box, so it´s more like scenerie, and not like real architecture.

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