Bad Blood
by ztn
Bad Blood by ztn
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Alice Rep. 605
#40   04 Dec 2016
The map has a strange mixture of brick textures which are totally out of place. Painful to look at.
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2322
#39   19 Jul 2012
LOL skybox XD

Loving it because whenever I fight here, It reminds Earth Soldiers of home :)

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Tetzlaff Rep. 265
#38   15 Jul 2010
Thanks for the info, Tig!
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Tig Rep. 1612
#37   14 Jul 2010
S3 Graphics hired the mappers to produce a series of maps using their new (at the time) 'DDS' graphics file format. The original release required the use of a custom binary version of Q3 to run the maps - and a supported graphics card.

It was a promotional stunt for the S3 Savage graphics card.

Soon after S3 Graphics released the maps and binary, someone ported the graphics to JPG and TGA versions, re-packed the files and allowed everyone to play the maps.

The version available for download includes the original DDS pk3 and the re-packed TGA pk3. The binary (official release) was linked to, but the site has long gone.

The S3 Graphics format became (or was used anyway) in the early DirectX versions by Microsoft.

The maps were never submitted to ..::LvL, but there was enough public interest to warrant putting them up. As the maps required the use of a modified pk3, an official review did not seem appropriate - hence the basic details instead of a review and thin readme.

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Tetzlaff Rep. 265
#36   13 Jul 2010
Does anyone know some background info about the dmmq3 series? It´s not just ztn´s map, but also maps from other authors:

They all use that high custom gothic texture set. Were they some kind of promotion? The readme files don´t have any info on that.

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Avenger unregistered
#35   21 Mar 2009
excellent map, definitively a KEEPER since 2000 !!!
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not entered unregistered
#34   19 Jul 2002
WOW!! A bunch of black and white squares! No levelshot.AZING MAP!!
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D from DnD unregistered
#33   26 Dec 2001
Thanx ZTN!

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Syabha unregistered
#32   26 Dec 2001
The album Bad Blood from Ice

is just as Huge as this map!

BFG = decoration !!!


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D unregistered
#31   26 Dec 2001
How can a map stand out for almost TWO years???

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Timmy!!! unregistered
#30   09 Dec 2000
I will agree with Steinecke and Rostking. Geforce 2 is the best card to play Q3 and this is ztn's best map. Dont forget Blood Run.
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Timmy!!! unregistered
#29   09 Dec 2000
Can u get the quad without rocket jumping???
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Timmy!!! unregistered
#28   09 Dec 2000
Awesome.........Definetly a keeper
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Steinecke unregistered
#27   22 Apr 2000
There is no need for S3. GeForce is the best accelerator for playing Q3A.

I hat those huge downloads.

'Lonely Planet' was a horror to me, because of poor gameplay.

Now, S3 as a form of protest (sorry, ztn!): Zero.

No points, only anger.

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Rostking unregistered
#26   21 Apr 2000
Great stuff, but it takes a little bit to long to load the map (snapshot). But in fact, this is the best one of the ztn maps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Steinecke unregistered
#25   18 Apr 2000
Best quality for Q3 is performed by GeForce.

(But fits not very well to AMD-Chips.)

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MogWaEE unregistered
#24   22 Mar 2000
The best of the dmm bunch: which means this one rocks!!!
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Meanstryk unregistered
#23   09 Mar 2000
Great use of level over level architecture. As usual, Sten is the master of third dimension.
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[-V1Ru5-] unregistered
#22   06 Mar 2000
Funny thing is this is the first ztn map ive played and ive been through all quake games.MORE SERVERS SHOULD RUN CUSTOM MAPS!!!!
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Weezer unregistered
#21   06 Mar 2000
What are the system reqs. to play this map?


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McFly unregistered
#20   06 Mar 2000
Got the new .EXE and it works. It seems,however, that I must be running an insanely slow system for these maps. It takes literally 5 to 10 minutes for them to load (snapshot), and even at 640x480 the frame rate is absolutely ridiculously slow when they finally do start. Not one of the maps off the Diamond site will run. I guess a 400 Celeron II OC'd to 430 w/ 128M of RAM and a Viper 550 just wont cut it any more. Bummer.

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McFly unregistered
#19   06 Mar 2000
I get nothing but black & white w/ no textures for all these maps. I'm running a Viper 550. All the maps of this site do the exact same thing. What gives?
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Fool unregistered
#18   19 Feb 2000
I'm a big fan of ztn maps. Not because of the "Nike" name, but because 90% of the maps are actually fun to play. As a matter of fact, I'm a big CTF player and sometime's I think regular DM maps just lack....."trategy" I think is the word for it. But not ztn's. (for the most part) I think it would be a real treat to see ztn do a tight, fast-paced, classic ztn style CTF map. But, maybe I'm just being selfish. This d/l is a no brainer for ztn fans like myself. Or, if you have never experienced the ztn experience, why not start now?!
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McLaren unregistered
#17   18 Feb 2000
great DM map

must play

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[-V1Ru5-] unregistered
#16   16 Feb 2000
Best of the bunch my ass, This map rox all in that pack.For a 6 meg d/l for the voodoo version,and i would think it would run slow on 350 p2 ,128 megs ram,Voodoo3 2000 800 res with high detail everything got a 49fps avg in a timedemo,in a match with 7 bots .Most of the base q3dm maps barly get a 40 fps avg in same conditions.Oh and aa, this map looks alot better then then all IMO.Nice bright colors and blue sharp sky.
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Spank unregistered
#15   12 Feb 2000
Well all of the maps in the DMM pack are very professional and the authors should all be working at this for a living.

Peej's map would make an excellent official tourney map.

Clean's sense of granduer in his maps is unmatched.

Spog's map is a new leap forward for sure.

But ZTN your map Bad Blood is the clear winner of the group in my book! Talk about one rockin good time... haha! Maybe its just cause the BFG is in there but I dont think so. This map makes you aggressive. Thanks ZTN its the funnest q3 map yet :)

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Ramuh unregistered
#14   12 Feb 2000
Pretty cool map, took me a while to figure out how to get the quad
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Tensun unregistered
#13   11 Feb 2000
cant download this one either

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Tensun unregistered
#12   11 Feb 2000
ive had enuf of dark ugly skies so its nice to see people making bright blue skies for thier maps
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Twitchfactor unregistered
#11   10 Feb 2000
The best of the bunch.

Awe-inspiring vertical and by far the most playable.

This is coming from a man that absolutely DESPISES gothic-themed maps.

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[cpn]tripps unregistered
#10   10 Feb 2000
Senn, the future is closer than you think.=] BTW, ztn is always lower case.
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[cpn]tripps unregistered
#9   10 Feb 2000
Senn, the future is closer than you think.=]
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Senn unregistered
#8   09 Feb 2000
This is a ZTN map? never before have i seen as many "dead ends" in a ZTN map, it seems as if someone else made it and slapped ZTN's name (as well as a MILLION Savage 2000 textures) on it. The use of fog is also in poor taste.

A bit large for my likings but probably one of my favorites of the S3 bunch and I dont even think that highly of it.

I hope to see some smaller, more "ZTN" looking, arenas in the future. This map looks like it just got out of control.

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0xide unregistered
#7   09 Feb 2000
I expected better from ZTN. I thought the texturing and layout were a bit poor.
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AssBall unregistered
#6   09 Feb 2000
I thought this map was great. The archetecture is perfectly proportioned. It is great with about ten people. It is not really easy to dominate this map, as there are too many corners and levels. This map hit playability right on the nose
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Johnny unregistered
#5   09 Feb 2000
I got a s3tc card so I've had a chance to play the official release, and I've found that it is really the only playable map out of the whole DMMQ3 collection. Whereas some of the authors simply went completely overboard on detail, ZTN has produced a very subtle and unique look, while maintaining a playable framerate. I love the sky, it reminds me of the quad colors.
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4Fuxache unregistered
#4   09 Feb 2000
Very nice although I I felt the fog around the bfg looks out of place + the sky just looks ugly on my TnT2 its way over bright... maybe its because of conversion?
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RC unregistered
#3   09 Feb 2000
Downloaded this one eagerly and... Not what I wanted to see from ZTN, after all his great Q1 and Q2 maps. He was far more compelling with the Base and Waste themes. This one's cavernous, all right, but its spaciousness comes at the expense of creating any memorable place. 10 for the author's renowned technical wizardry, 6 or 7 for level of interest.
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Jazz unregistered
#2   09 Feb 2000
Big fun map, except at times over half the people running around had the bfg. From the sky down to the lava a beautiful and well made/designed map.
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smeghead unregistered
#1   09 Feb 2000
Making comments on all the s3 maps.

Thought the layout was classic ztn stuff..which means it's great. I also liked the textures, for it gave the map a gothic yet not look. The sky seemed a bit bright..perhaps that was the conversion's fault, although the screens I have seen have the same overly bright sky.

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