doom_v19 by id Software
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GuyNamedErick Rep. 227
#71   20 Oct 2018
Can't escape the original Doom, even as an April Fools joke. Got to be honest, I wish game demos are just a couple MBs...or whole games really :)
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2322
#70   28 Jun 2012
I got Commander Keen to work, but not DooM. Its okay. I already had doom on my computer. But this is my first time trying out CK.
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nick13 Rep. 34
#69   12 Mar 2012
i miss my childhood. DOOM
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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#68   02 Mar 2012
Ahh the great times.. I miss those days :).
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Pasquake Rep. 90
#67   13 Jul 2011
Jokes... we have the technology for that!
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I_like_quake unregistered
#66   24 May 2011
Ahh damn it!!! I read the april fools note during the download!!!!!!!
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SW12 unregistered
#65   24 Jun 2010
I make a lot of comments 'cause I have a lot to say. But I was thinking bout signing up. I think I oughta. =-)
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Tig Rep. 1612
#64   23 Jun 2010
@SW12: Yes, that is correct. You really should sign-up and login. You make so many comments :]
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SW12 unregistered
#63   23 Jun 2010
This da shareware version?
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lol unregistered
#62   18 Mar 2010
MS-DOS Batch File (.bat)
This game is Doom in DOSBox
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MajorKickass unregistered
#61   06 Apr 2001
Hehe...nice job!! Looks like some ppl aren't too keen on April Fool's jokes judging by some of the comments! Don't be bent folks...get over it and laugh a little!!!
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Binaryshi unregistered
#60   04 Apr 2001
hehe, you got me there! =) with the april joke...
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deltree unregistered
#59   04 Apr 2001
well...if THIS is the new doom 3 engine, it looks really like the FIRST one...

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#58   04 Apr 2001
Knight Cloud: Its the shareware version of Doom plus Keen Dreams in one download. Personally I enjoyed checking it all out again.
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Fleagle unregistered
#57   04 Apr 2001
Knight Cloud, it was just a joke.

Personally, I can't believe anyone fell for this. First clue was the 'LvL exclusive'. No insults intended but come on! LvL getting it first? I don't think it would work that way. The second clue was the 2.71 MB file size. You can rarely find a test or demo smaller than 40 MB nowadays.

Kudos to Tigger-On and LvL for pulling a successful prank!

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nanospawn unregistered
#56   03 Apr 2001
well, i actually didn't know that it was april f00ls, i live in spain, and our f00ls day is on Dec 28, so i spend 5 minutes downloading "doom 3"

I was installing doom, and i refused to believe it wasn't doom3, good one tigger :)

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killing joke unregistered
#55   02 Apr 2001
after a good laugh I settled into a state of amazement over how strongly the original mood came back. even with such blocky graphics and limited movements it was a creepy game. the music, even though it sounds like empty elevator muzak, works! makes me wonder about the possibility of overkill with the new graphics engine.
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bad-mouthed wonderkid unregistered
#54   02 Apr 2001
that was mean. I'm on 56K and spent a whole 20minutes downloading that.
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Prophet unregistered
#53   01 Apr 2001
"High-tech pong interface" LMAO!! Serious for a sec. tho, will be looking to play competative Q3 soon in AU., in the states now but should be there next month. Moving to Vic somewhere...looking for a place now. (sorry if i posted too much Shyt!)
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elvis unregistered
#52   01 Apr 2001
this is cool

i dont know what the hell is goin on .

all freash .. ill be back

but id software.. wait, come on

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Pure Imaginary unregistered
#51   01 Apr 2001
shov, 3D Action Planet just reported that DN 4Ever never existed!
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cin unregistered
#50   01 Apr 2001
I did, but you showed it to me. ;P
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shov unregistered
#49   01 Apr 2001
Sif you'd fall for that :)

Any of you Aussies see the Duke Nukem 4 Eva review in PCPP?

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TotalDoodoo unregistered
#48   01 Apr 2001
This has got to be the greatest game yet. And it can play as a Q3 level or stand alone. When not being used as a game, it also slices and dices vegetables. This is definately the wave of the future. I really like the high-tech Pong interface. Download this now!!!!!!!
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kei unregistered
#47   01 Apr 2001
i was so excited when i dled this then i saw the doom.bat or exe and loaded, then the original doom pops in my face, that was one SICK SICK SICK, but FUNNY april fools joke. i actually thought i was going to play doom III
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cin unregistered
#46   01 Apr 2001

Well done to the watermelon eating one!!

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#45   01 Apr 2001
HahahHAhahhaHAh :]

Hope you all enjoyed the joke. For those of you looking for the 'uninstall' button, just delete the folder.

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Gear unregistered
#44   01 Apr 2001
Wow, I've been looking for Doom III for about half an hour BELIEVE ME, I'm to stupid to know we're April 1 and I was bitching in the zip to find out where the hell is the Doom III test. Damn ! I WANT IT !
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Prophet unregistered
#43   01 Apr 2001
Kinda knew it was something wrong looking at the d/l size!!!! Trickster sons-o-bitches!!!! Good one.......
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Marc Roussel unregistered
#42   01 Apr 2001
I've been caught DAMNIT but WOW I'm surprise from what I saw, the old DOOM wow man, it reminds me of old days of doom, all day long.... Ah man, I kept it on my HD, its too funny to play it again
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808 Damnations unregistered
#41   01 Apr 2001
April fool's gone and passed, you're the biggest fool at last, up the ladder down the tree, you're a bigger fool than me...Eep! You almost got me! I noticed the download size first though. Nice try anyway! you smart assed sons o' bitches! :) hehe
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MENACE unregistered
#40   01 Apr 2001
oh u gits im on a 56k, took me a while to download that file! im glad i read the comments before i wasted anymore time on it ffs i was looking forward to that :( oh well didnt even realise it was april fools today :P
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MAXIMUS unregistered
#39   01 Apr 2001


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NOLIFE unregistered
#38   01 Apr 2001
Don't you just love that sound when the install asks you to create directory?

You got me!

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Grahf unregistered
#37   01 Apr 2001
damn, I totally bought the joke. Forgot it was April Fool's eh...


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SilkenTofu unregistered
#36   01 Apr 2001
looked at the fiilesize and was too curious to think, but then it had 2 floppy size chunks and a thing called deice.......made me laugh hard....and even more when it was installed in less than a second....remember how long that took then?
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Ra unregistered
#35   01 Apr 2001
Alright you got me!
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Anonymous Coward unregistered
#34   01 Apr 2001
Wow, this is really neat. Runs like shit though, guess I need to get a GeForce3 for it to work well.
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Dionysius unregistered
#33   01 Apr 2001
Funny, yeah I am, really....

That was about the cruelest dam thing I have ever seen. Being that I had totally forgot that it was April 1st, I d/l it with dreams of sugar plums dancing in my head....gee, what a bummer. Anyway, good joke, just was really anxious to check it out.

Hook...Line...Sinker. Thank God I checked this comment section before the d/l finished.

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supercrisis unregistered
#32   01 Apr 2001
Haha... I want the Alpha... :)
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Machine Rock unregistered
#31   01 Apr 2001
After playing this DOOM III WRESTLEMANIA demo for several hours, I can only say one thing: CARMACK IS GOD! (It's true, it's true...)
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Octovus unregistered
#30   01 Apr 2001

I think after last year's you'd only get new people faling for it but wth who cares? Hehe. Maybe, you could do it the day AFTER April 1st so everyone might actually fall for it.........of course, as soon as I saw my mailout I was like......."Yeah right, I wish" but I still came here half hoping! ;)

nunuk...did you just wake up or were you not here last year? Love your maps btw, of course I do, nice to see them in a sort of "official" pack. Brings honor to the space map genre. Ok, before I get edited for length I'd better post this.

  • Octovus

"My gauntlet needs a friend...

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Smo unregistered
#29   01 Apr 2001
Didn't get me....I almost clicked the download button but then it clicked that it was April 1...

Nope, didn't get me!

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n8 unregistered
#28   01 Apr 2001
ok it's a joke, now since I have no idea how to install anything that dosn't hold my hand through the process, I hope I did'nt screw anything up !
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unitool unregistered
#27   01 Apr 2001
heheh...pretty clever. I couldn't help but get excited, tho. :)
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GummiEnte unregistered
#26   01 Apr 2001
check out, for more aprilfools :)
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nunuk unregistered
#25   01 Apr 2001
damn .... i fell into the trick myself this morning, the first time i read it. realised while downloading the thingie.

well done.

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Knight Cloud unregistered
#24   01 Apr 2001
Tigger-on is these a level or what?
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Interceptor unregistered
#23   01 Apr 2001
I agree with Bauul, this one was easy to spot.
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Quakeulf unregistered
#22   01 Apr 2001
April`s fool!!

I bet that was unexpected. ;)

BTW, you own us Tiger.

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TrenoxOwnedBigTime unregistered
#21   01 Apr 2001
omg u own us so much Tigger!! =)
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Bauul unregistered
#20   01 Apr 2001
Sorry Tig, your going to have to try harder than that for next year. I actually fell for last years, but this is just a little over the top. Good idea though! I'm sure you'll get quite a few gullable people.
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!AndRoid! unregistered
#19   01 Apr 2001
I saw my LvL mailout and thought, oh wow, amazing. Then I got to the site and thought, "wait a minute. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha".

Nice one.

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ZaphoD unregistered
#18   01 Apr 2001
Sweet! Hook, line and sinker!!!!!
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Krash unregistered
#17   01 Apr 2001
Very funny - I wonder how many people fall for this.

I'm a little disappointed compared to last year's, though. That jump pad level was actually pretty cool...

  • Krash
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mommentum unregistered
#16   01 Apr 2001
I just waited to see what this year's prank would be =) qbert was great, and this is legendary.
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Abbo unregistered
#15   01 Apr 2001
=)=) You guys had me there for a short while... =) Heeheeee ;)
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Solus unregistered
#14   01 Apr 2001
Finaly! iD decided to merge Doom and Commander Kn! You can even choose to play as Our Hero or Commander Keen, what a great idea!
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MORBO unregistered
#13   01 Apr 2001
just like last years jump-pad-level. Thanks lvl, yeese rock
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Wiebo de Wit unregistered
#12   01 Apr 2001
aaaah. level design in the 01's :) thanks Tigger
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Pestilence[GIB] unregistered
#11   01 Apr 2001
ql idea :D
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pugwash unregistered
#10   01 Apr 2001
LMFAO. Brought back a lot of memories! My has'nt the computer indsutry advanced over the past few years!
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cyberman unregistered
#9   01 Apr 2001

wake up and smell the gun power!

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iGREKKESS unregistered
#8   01 Apr 2001
Very fun joke guys !

I don't know if I have better to laugh or cry...

Bretty2000> it's not Doom 2 but Doom 1 ! :D

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Oliver unregistered
#7   01 Apr 2001
What kind of funkey April fools day trick is this!
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sno unregistered
#6   01 Apr 2001
oh my god.

This rocks!!!!!

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[DP] LoJiK unregistered
#5   01 Apr 2001
Hows about you guys check the date :-)
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Bretty2000 unregistered
#4   01 Apr 2001
By the way, this isnt even a map! Why the heck is it here?! I wasted 10 minutes dloading this thing cuz the server was busy, and it's nothing.

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Bretty2000 unregistered
#3   01 Apr 2001
What the hell?! I downloaded this, and its just Commander Keen and Doom2! What the Hell! How retarded! Do not download this! Its a total waste of time.

The only thing related to Doom3 at all is a Doom2 demo. Like I said before, What the hell is this?

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StAh|-HmR unregistered
#2   01 Apr 2001
What Date have we got ? Oh yeah. That's why Alphas only got 3mb these days.
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hannibal unregistered
#1   01 Apr 2001
Thanks, goofball.
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