Dismemberment by the Hubster
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CZghost Rep. 1621
#18   22 Aug 2014
This map reminds me Aerowalk by the Hubster, simply by the atmosphere :) Not sure what was created first, Dismemberment or Aerowalk? :) Both of these maps are in QL, btw :)
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fisty unregistered
#17   09 Mar 2011
good map. 9/10
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LGD*Foralarx unregistered
#16   13 Jan 2006
I first saw this map on the Q3Rulezzz movie and was soon downloading the map there after. Not only is this map easy on the eye, gameplay is sublime.. One of the true Q3 classics.
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sumakana unregistered
#15   23 Dec 2002
Very nice map that would fit in a Castlevania game
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Ollie unregistered
#14   12 Dec 2002
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s?-Septik unregistered
#13   09 Mar 2002
hahah could run around this map with 800 ups

love this map:)

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massive wanker unregistered
#12   07 Dec 2001
the level simply has good flow, even if the weapon placement is slightly lopsided to one side of the level. sometimes it's hard to tell why a level like this isn't played more often.
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SeveredSoul unregistered
#11   27 Jun 2001
The map is great. Gameplay goes fast and it looks great. Blue shades dress it up nicely. Plus the teles are perfect. I rarely keep custom maps after I play them but this one is just to awsome to delete :).
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mR BaP unregistered
#10   09 Apr 2001
nice 1 v 1 map. great fun. good placement of tools. nice flow. good placement of the teleporters. bots are good pratice chuckin a HuMan and the it really starts to cook. nice choice of placement for the rg and the gl.watch ye arse.max phun minium effort.
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WaSp unregistered
#9   06 Apr 2001
funny eh ???

8 comments and 11 votes, seems strange how the point score has fallen from an 8.8 score and 6 votes a few days ago to 11 votes and 6.9 today ?

Its amazing what a couple of well placed zero scores will do.

And these ppl never comment either !!

This map is the result of an exellent collaboration ,and the thought and preparation that has gone into it has been {for lack of a better word} HUGE.

Love or hate a map , ppl who vote a map down with such stupidly low scores as 0 or 1 are just pathetic.

very F...ing sad indeed.

Any ways I give it a 9 and considering I have to isp's I am voting twice ,or am I ?? :-p

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MiTieGe unregistered
#8   06 Apr 2001
This is a great map. It looks really nice, but it's the gameplay that rules. I can't believe it's rated so low here (6.6 at the eime of posting, I'm sure it will rise). This is one of the best tourney maps I've ever played. I haven't played it in VQ3, maybe it's not as strong there.

Dismemberment plays really well in Pro Mode- quite fast but with a lot of depth. The connectivity is great, and bunnyhopping makes the map a lot faster. There are some great opportunities for combo shots, particularly LG/RG. But rail doesn't dominate completely in Pro Mode- I have a feeling it might in VQ3.

Anyway, get this map, play it 1v1 in cpma a few times and I think you will be very pleased.

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Knight Cloud unregistered
#7   04 Apr 2001
Ahh i love these map Sound like the wind good in these map and the air.

I was useing the skybox in my map linkdm1 i am working in Linkdm1.

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The Hubster unregistered
#6   01 Apr 2001
Wow what a cool map! :P

I tend to like darker lighting, and I was in a very "mechanical" and brooding frame of mind when I polished the aesthetics of Dismemeberment. So, hence the darker lighting:-)

I'm a big fan of strong atmospheric quality in a map, and I tried to live up to my own standards:-) I hope I did.

Many of you will find the map plays MUCH better in Promode.

VQ3 fans may want to download HUB3TOURNEY1 (same map, with slight item adjustments). HUB3TOURNEY1 is used by the CPL, so I guess for the VQ3 fans, thats the version to grab.

The feedback I've had since I released this has been pretty full on. I guess I still get bewildered by it all sometimes:-)

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Dionysius unregistered
#5   01 Apr 2001
Fine job Hubster. I love playing custom maps and I like making my own too (though mine tend to suck..lol) Being somewhat of a pesimistic critic of mappers....I still can say that you have made one beautiful map. Only gripe is the soft lighting...little brighter and it would have been perfect. Never the less, awesome map man... :)
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Killer unregistered
#4   01 Apr 2001
Absolutely brilliant. A very clean look which makes it stand out from the plethora of gothic themed maps. Definitely a "Must Have" map IMO. Reviewed it on my site too - www.planetquake.co...t_have_maps.asp
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mommentum unregistered
#3   01 Apr 2001
It's also known as cpm12 - a map from promode's third map pack (though it doesn't really have all those trick-jump opportunities).

Anyway, pretty good gameplay.

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hannibal unregistered
#2   31 Mar 2001
First-rate gameplay. Nuff said.
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Auhsan unregistered
#1   31 Mar 2001
great job.

gameplay and lighting are the best part of the map. brushwork is a bit plain although well executed and flawless

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