Blood Run Tourney
by ztn
Blood Run Tourney by ztn
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caleb Rep. 77
#22   06 Apr 2020
I'm going to have to agree with Wario064 on this one. As I've watched tournaments over the years, alot of matches are all about running away from the opponent in many cases. The way this map is designed really allows for this to happen.
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 5218
#21   05 Apr 2020
works much better as a tourney than it does a deathmatch but the spot where the quad spawned feels a bit like a dead space with the ammo clips there. I would have liked to have seen the ya armour placed there and an ammo clip over by the pg perhaps
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Wario064 Rep. 1
#20   09 Dec 2019
This was always too much of a +back map for my taste. You could seriously go a whole match with the score 1 to 0. Overrated.
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Colton Rep. 329
#19   06 Jun 2016
Agreed @A1yssa! It was used in QuakeCon many times in the early 2000s.
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A1yssa Rep. 155
#18   06 Jun 2016
Best tourney ever!
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FragTastic Rep. 2221
#17   10 Jan 2012
1 word. AWESOME!!
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gooball Rep. 913
#16   17 Jul 2011
This is one of my favs. 10/10
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elvis unregistered
#15   18 Nov 2002
im surprised the russians didnt spam the comments for this map yet :)
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tiesto unregistered
#14   06 Nov 2002
This probably the best 1v1 map that i have ever seen !!!
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abz unregistered
#13   04 Oct 2002
I've been playing this map since it's release. Just can't leave it alone. Awsome!
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cell unregistered
#12   26 Dec 2001
very very coll!!!!!!! Po prostu zajebista
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not entered unregistered
#11   09 Dec 2001
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N1 (arg) unregistered
#10   04 Oct 2001
very cooll!!!
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Ram unregistered
#9   03 Oct 2001
Simly one of the best duel maps available!
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Excelsiore unregistered
#8   19 Mar 2001
Emptied my baseq3 and discovered it was another third party map causing problems. This one works fine now. It rox even. :=)
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Excelsiore unregistered
#7   19 Mar 2001
When I load it up i get a missing texture, "center2trn", the one that goes under the RL and RG. Maybe it's just on my setup...
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#6   18 Mar 2001
vincent: If you want to submit a map to ..::LvL have a look at;
Submit -> How to Submit a map
On the nav bar at the top right of the site.
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vincent unregistered
#5   18 Mar 2001
how can i send you my map ... ? please enswer me at :
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FooL unregistered
#4   16 Mar 2001
yeah, I went to his site and saw that right after I posted. Kind of made me feel stoopid. I'm just excited to see what a ztn CTF will look like.
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Syclone unregistered
#3   16 Mar 2001
If you've looked at his site, apparently he is converting ztn3dm2 to CTF somehow.
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FooL unregistered
#2   15 Mar 2001
MMMMMMM......must have NEW ztn. ztn running low in blood. oh god, new ztn. (maybe CTF ztn?!)
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Syclone unregistered
#1   15 Mar 2001
"Not much has changed from the original except for the removal of the Quad"...

And fixing that pesky hole exploit in the ceiling that was used in a tournament to hide with a small lead late in a match...

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