Phantasmagoria Revisited
Phantasmagoria Revisited by Eggman
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nitin unregistered
#3   30 Jan 2001
why doesnt this map get more comments, it was easily the best in the bunch.

Johnny, I agree with what Tigger said, especially about the item/weapon placements. And the fog was very well done.


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Johnny unregistered
#2   30 Jan 2001
Thanks for the positive comments Dagwit. I have a couple of maps in the works, I don't think it'll be too long before another one is available.
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Dagwit unregistered
#1   29 Jan 2001
Handsome, cleverly lit gothic, with enough alternate paths round the basic circuit pattern to keep it interesting. I can just about manage the jump from RG to MH - except on the many occasions when I fall into the Fog of Death, which gives me plenty of opportunity to observe that it is better judged for colour and density than any I recall seeing.

I hope we don't have to wait so long for Johnny's next map.

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