Major Pain
Major Pain by RKone
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Lima_Bravo unregistered
#7   25 Apr 2001
Just thought I'd say not a bad map at all. The pic prompted me to download and have a look.

Yes I'd say a great map, one I will keep on the HDD.

I'll just vote now to keep it alive.. It is worth it..

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hannibal unregistered
#6   03 Feb 2001
I didn't mind the lowered gravity, it fits this map well. But after playing it for a bit, it just gets boring. Gameplay wise, there is just not much here.
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QkennyQ unregistered
#5   01 Feb 2001
map rules, very fast gameplay. great atrium. I'd say the review was pretty much dead on.

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bru|kusanagi unregistered
#4   31 Jan 2001
This level rocks, rk1 has mad skills.

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macho unregistered
#3   29 Jan 2001
I dont know what the others think, but I think this level is damn good (maybe in my top 30)...I have about 200-300 q3 maps on my HDD,

so good job RKone...:o)

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RKone unregistered
#2   29 Jan 2001
No other comments? Do you all think the reviewer dead on with his analysis?
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macho unregistered
#1   28 Jan 2001
pretty level

good job

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