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The Vault by Lizardman and BugBear
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FragTastic Rep. 1400
#6   10 Jan 2012
Come on it could of been much bigger :/.
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T-Rex unregistered
#5   11 Feb 2000
Very small,but perfect for face-to-face combat.Cool!
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Lizardman unregistered
#4   06 Feb 2000
Well, I keep hearing that this map is too small for many. For me, I like it for tourneys. However, Bugbear has agreed to help me make another map based on this one, if enough people enjoy the look and feel of the current one. Perhaps a FFA/Team DM and a CTF series, in the same PK3? Post your feedback here. (:
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FxR|jude unregistered
#3   06 Feb 2000
I agree with the review - it's a complete map, but it just seems that half of it is missing. Nice for RA3, but not for duels or FFA though. Nice gothic look, but i thought that the fog down the bottom was a little too thick. Different weapons would have been nice as well.
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Hargle unregistered
#2   06 Feb 2000
I been playing this map in all its develoment stages and it's just kept getting better ;)
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Bugbear unregistered
#1   06 Feb 2000
Well i only detailed the map, but my feelings for this map is that it should be a 1on1 for RA3. nothing else.
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