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------------------------------------------------------------------ Title : The Vault Filename : vault.pk3 Author : Christopher "Lizardman" Bair, concept/design "BugBear", design/detail Email Address : **email removed** **email removed** Description : Small vertical 2-4 Player Tourney/FFA map. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Instructions: ------------- 1 ) Extract vault.pk3 into your baseq3/ directory 2 ) Start Quake III Arena 3 ) To play The Vault, type "map vault", or access from Multiplayer/Skirmish Menu. * Play Information * Settings : Deathmatch or Tourney Players : 2 to 4 in Free For All. Suitable for Tourney Play Bot Support : Bots are fully supported * Construction * Build Time : 15 days, in our spare time. Final build, 19 January 2000. Compile Time : 4 Minutes .bsp, 3 Minutes .aas Editor(s) used : Q3Radiant, Q3Build Known Bugs : None * Other Info * This is the first of hopefully many new Q3A maps from us. If you like what you see, give us an email. If you don't like what you see, give us an email as to why, constructively. Feedback makes for better product. * Distribution * You may freely distribute this file digitally, and on physical media, so long as the original .zip file is complete and unchanged, and proper credit is always given. You may not alter, edit or misuse the files within, including this text file, without permission from the authors.
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