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the Asylum of Remorse
the Asylum of Remorse by death chicken
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AssBall unregistered
#2   06 Feb 2000
Nothing special here really. I agree with most of what Trigger and Cornelius have said so far. Simple rooms connected by hallways. The lava theme is good but the rest of the level doesn't really mesh with it at all. There also seemed like way to many guns lying around.
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Cornelius unregistered
#1   06 Feb 2000
First off, I don't mean to be cruel, just honest. This map looks like a good first try at a q3 DM map, but doesn't really have much to reccommend it.

The whole map is pretty dark, with large areas of rooms covered in complete shadow. The lava beam shaders overtop of the copious lava are not aligned properly and some have gaps at the corners. Some of the texture selections are questionable and become dull; the presence of a mirror on the ceiling of one hallway serves no purpose. There are no ambient sounds in the map, which really makes it lack atmosphere.

Game flow is not improved by the many teleporters thrown around the map. The overall layout is that of a number of boxes connected by hallways and the first lifts I've seen so far in a Q3 map. Overall, the architecture and item placement doesn't focus play on specific regions of the map, leaving you to wander around until you find somebody to shoot at.

It looks like the author has a good command of the editor, but needs to pay attention to things like lighting, texture selection and item placement.

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