The Bad Scheishaus
The Bad Scheishaus by Banana
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CZghost Rep. 1621
#4   20 Dec 2018
I may revise this map for investigation on what would be improved :) Adding to my watchlist :) May release a redux one day :D

EDIT: Yeah, definitely going to remake this map. Make it a little bit bigger, raise the ceiling a little bit (it's a bumpheader), and of course choose better texturing. The new EvilLair textureset would look great :)
Edited 10.66 hours after the original posting.

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Hooyaah Rep. 599
#3   21 Feb 2010
The name of the map notwithstanding, you may find the map a bit small for even three to four players. There are times when the flow slows down a trifle to much in order for it to achieve the maximum effect that its author may have aspired to. The map isn't troubled by any significant flaws that would make it one to discard and it does contain some good effects. I do wish that there were some ambient sounds to give the player a sense of "being there".
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Jade unregistered
#2   11 Jan 2001
well, "Scheisshaus" isn´t realy vulgar...almost everyone says it. It´s as vulgar as "What the Fuck?"
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Al Gecko unregistered
#1   05 Jan 2001
The correct spelling is : 'Scheisshaus'. A (very) vulgar german word for 'toilet'.
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