The Mausoleum
The Mausoleum by Foebane
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raspatan Rep. 4558
#5   07 Dec 2020
Scary map! Lots of ambient sounds plus the mirror in a few rooms. Main lower and upper room are cool but item placement does not help with gameplay.
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Ping Floyd unregistered
#4   07 Jan 2001
What lowgun said is true in a way but I like this map,the mirrors make checking out new skins alot of fun and the atmosphere IS kinda cool. Alot of power-ups and items make it great fun for bot practice and screwing around. I usually use this as my main "test map" when ever I get new skins.
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#3   27 Dec 2000
You could use D!ablo's mod which is an in-game level editor to remove/move/add weapons, ammo and respawn locations on the fly. Its pretty cool for tweaking a map before a final release; you can grab the editor from

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Foebane unregistered
#2   25 Dec 2000
No LowGun, it was reviewed in the old Quake Industrial Complex b4 it became

I guess you're right about the BFG - that was down to inexperience with Q3A weapon placement back then

Here're the rest of my maps:

Isn't there a mod that removes weapons like BFG to balance things out?

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LowGun unregistered
#1   24 Dec 2000
This map is old as hell and I'm pretty sure was already here wasn't it?

This map is not all that great. Domination with the BFG is the name of the game.

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