The Red Light District
The Red Light District by Firestarter
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Mapsking Rep. 371
#7   02 Oct 2020
We played this map with our family, and had six players in FFA. It is a mostly fun map, but almost all of the action happens in the water tube. It is really imbalanced, because the big platform on top can't be shot through from the bottom, and players can spawn on top of it. The only way up to the top is through the big vertical water tube, which literally takes 8 seconds to swim to the top of. There is also a quad that spawns at the top of the water tube, so whoever spawns there can easily snipe anyone coming up the tube. At the bottom of the tube, there is a lightning gun, but it does not reach all the way to the top of the tube. It makes it quite challenging to remove the player on top. This could have been corrected and balanced by making the upper platform be able to be shot through from the lower platforms. Either way, still a fun scramble to get to the top first, and I still recommend it.
EDIT: I was incorrect about spawning on top of the platform initially, but also, in one of the spawn points, you spawn in the same place as a plasma gun, whereas other spawn points do not spawn right on a weapon. Is it a big deal? No, but I feel it makes an unfair advantage when one player is immediately given a plasma gun, and the others do not.
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SiCdeth unregistered
#6   20 Dec 2000
hey 'bout time you finished this!

i think that this is ALOT better than ET, firestarter.

for some reason i just didnt like that map. this one however is very fun and is a cool change from most regular maps

good job :)

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Firestarter unregistered
#5   20 Dec 2000
I never even considered a BFG or a railgun for that matter. Anyways, I think this one is better than fs_dm2: ET Experience...

Anyone second that??

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< featured ripper > unregistered
#4   20 Dec 2000
Way red! I get the spins looking at that moving red "whatever" at the top of the H2o tube. But, overall, a fun map to play w/ a ton -o- buds. Would a BFG have been too dominating for a map this large?
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| Wiz | unregistered
#3   19 Dec 2000
mmm... Red..
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Bilirubin unregistered
#2   19 Dec 2000
Aw, M4TT, you're just shining 'old Firestarter's boots ;-)

How are the r_speeds?

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M4TT5T3R unregistered
#1   19 Dec 2000
I love this map :)
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