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The Red Light District
The Red Light District by Firestarter
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SiCdeth unregistered
#6   20 Dec 2000
hey 'bout time you finished this!

i think that this is ALOT better than ET, firestarter.

for some reason i just didnt like that map. this one however is very fun and is a cool change from most regular maps

good job :)

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Firestarter unregistered
#5   20 Dec 2000
I never even considered a BFG or a railgun for that matter. Anyways, I think this one is better than fs_dm2: ET Experience...

Anyone second that??

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< featured ripper > unregistered
#4   20 Dec 2000
Way red! I get the spins looking at that moving red "whatever" at the top of the H2o tube. But, overall, a fun map to play w/ a ton -o- buds. Would a BFG have been too dominating for a map this large?
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| Wiz | unregistered
#3   19 Dec 2000
mmm... Red..
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Bilirubin unregistered
#2   19 Dec 2000
Aw, M4TT, you're just shining 'old Firestarter's boots ;-)

How are the r_speeds?

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M4TT5T3R unregistered
#1   19 Dec 2000
I love this map :)
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