SW3KL by Knight Lore''FC
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Dr. Crazy unregistered
#3   15 Dec 2000
What else can I say except, "This map is great!"
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pu§hy unregistered
#2   15 Nov 2000
i used to hate space maps, but man...this map changed my mind. i dunno...maybe it's juz b'coz of the blue lighting that turned me on ahehe! although its big and i find myself running the map with only a machine gun...it's still fun. frame rate is excellent as well. nice map!
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-sharky- unregistered
#1   13 Nov 2000
I haven't come across a level this cool in a long time. Although its big, you can still find people and hunt them down with ease. Items are in the best place's. Throw in heaps of people and there is some really fun action. The guys at work loved it. Lots of cover for such an open level that allows some fun combat. The only prob I found was that the level is a little too symmetrical. 9 out of 10..!!!!
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