Opposing Platforms
Opposing Platforms by RedLick
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lame unregistered
#15   03 Mar 2000
very lame
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Grunt unregistered
#14   23 Feb 2000
Very nice map though I don't like space levels so much (like q3dm17) But this felt different, maybe because it's CTF, I don't know. I gave this map a 8 maybe it deserves better. Good map! Cya!

The Swedish Grunt

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Nazdor unregistered
#13   23 Feb 2000
Nice to see bots taking the quick route to the flag, but they seem to completely ignore the quad platform.

The railgun sniper area seems a bit pointless because you can't see into the other base - but then, that's probably a good thing!

Very nice map that we return to on a regular basis.

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Gulpman unregistered
#12   21 Feb 2000
This map is fun!

It's damn fast and after playing it a while you get some nice tricks, defending your own base and getting nicely into the other - depending on your teammates helping you getting through the large middle space part :)

Although I don't like the original Spacemap from id - this one rocks!

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ShoeHornOPlenty unregistered
#11   02 Feb 2000
Woohoo, Im looking forward to it, if its anything like this one Im sure to dl it :)
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Red-Lick unregistered
#10   01 Feb 2000
thanks aplenty, im working on the second installment which should be out in 1 or 2 weeks.

Its gonna be much bigger, still space themed, and im working hard on making it fun.

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AzRaeL unregistered
#9   01 Feb 2000
Excellent map, fastpaced & the bots are great on this map.

Highly recommended

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dog unregistered
#8   01 Feb 2000
at a guess red-lick i would say lvl doesn't put the original site up because most sites can't handle the traffic :>?)
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Kancer unregistered
#7   31 Jan 2000
Great CTF map! The bots play well too.
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ShoeHornOPlenty unregistered
#6   31 Jan 2000
Very well done, fast paced CTF map. There is never a dull moment with invaders coming flying at you with rockets blazing through space. I dont know how many times I have killed myself getting to the flag, but at least it requires more skill then just running into a big room with a flag in it. Overall good map :)
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#5   31 Jan 2000
the map in the zip file should be correct now, not sure what happened there, sorry
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#4   31 Jan 2000
(about the wrong map in the zip) Now thats weird! - looking into it stright away
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Red-Lick unregistered
#3   31 Jan 2000
get the map from here, i don't understanf why lvl doesn't put the original download sites anyways...


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wheelgun unregistered
#2   31 Jan 2000
Same thing here. The zipfile has q3morden.pk3 in it. That whacky fileplanet server must be on the fritz again. As a CTF map addict, I'm distressed. ;P
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Eraser unregistered
#1   31 Jan 2000
Erm, well I think there is something you should know about this zip_file! It is not really importent but I thought that it would be interessting for some of you THAT THIS ZIP FILE DOES NOT CONTAIN THE MAP OPPOSING PLATFORMS!!! Instead of this map I now have got the q3morden map!? Strange, isn't it?!?!?!
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