Phat Deathmatch 1
Phat Deathmatch 1 by Phats
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-m0r7is- unregistered
#4   02 Dec 2000
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Tetzlaff unregistered
#3   06 Nov 2000
Nice Gameflow and architecture. Only thing I found strange was that the colourful lightning in combination with clean steel walls feels a bit "glamourous", but Quake2 style + glamour = ?*%&?
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nunuk unregistered
#2   22 Oct 2000
this is a very neat little map. some lighting are a bit strange according to me, but the main theme is very well respected. small and simple...

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Johnny Law unregistered
#1   21 Oct 2000
Hrm, I think I've seen this one before... IIRC there were a few technical visual glitches but it played well in a 2-level sort of way. Have to go back and check on this one again maybe.

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