Zero Tolerance
Zero Tolerance by Reservoir DoG
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Excelsiore unregistered
#3   21 Oct 2000
Perfectly fine layout and the fun factor is there. Some of the texturing is a bit weird,(like the stretched starceiling by the railgun) but looks otherwise consistent. Skybox looks great and is one of the good details of the map. Well worth a fun frag or two.
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#2   21 Oct 2000
As for waiting for the author's next map... don't hold yer breath.

Thats a real shame :[ For a first map its a lot better than most, just scan the pages of ..::LvL

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Reservoir DoG unregistered
#1   21 Oct 2000
Wow, I must say that I am more than shocked by the severity of the review. I don't think the map is anywhere near as ordinary as it has been made to sound. I'll concede that some of the architecture is on the simplier side ("dodgy" is a bit strong IMO) and yeah bot play is not super, as I pointed out in the readme. I'm mystified by your claim that I don't understand how a skybox works. It isn't a skybox, it's simply one window showing a view of terrain.

As for the layout and gameplay comments, I think they are both pretty good and enough to carry the map. I will say though, that players that can't strafe jump well will have difficulty running certain paths through the map (ie the teleporter jump and there is also a double jump to the RA via the top of an archway available as a shortcut). I've played a lot of duels on this map in the month since I released it on my humble little home LAN and we've had some great cat and mouse type duels... what can I say? Each to his own I guess.

As for waiting for the author's next map... don't hold yer breath.

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