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Uncle´s inspiration by DruZli
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raspatan Rep. 4502
#44   07 Jul 2020
Very fun 1v1 map! However, brushes are way too simple, make in it look uninteresting, boring and ugly. A pro player and mapper could, with little investment, turn this map into a top of the range, 10/10 map. A shame, as it feels like a lost opportunity.
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FragTastic Rep. 2307
#43   03 Sep 2012
It's quite weird & wacky yet fun & enjoyable at the same time. I didn't understand the grey stone ledges but I think they are used to jump on the surfaces if I'm right..?!. 6/10
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mu5h1n unregistered
#42   17 Jun 2011
Fun map against Lakerbot on nightmare. Lakerbot uses the whole map. I actually prefer this map to the one by the same author that was chosen for the LVL map pack.
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051R15 unregistered
#41   19 Sep 2009
Not much to look at, but bot play is among the best I've seen... didn't notice any of the 'focusing around one area' that the review mentions.

The connectivity is perfect and the map offers some really intense DM.

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Foralarx Rep. 678
#40   13 Sep 2009
Interesting choice, though personally I think DruZli's "Up Close And Personal" (lvlworld.com/) is hands down the best map he made. Given that Up Close and Personal was released only a matter of two months after this one, it would be interesting from a mapper's prespective to know if he had started work on that one after learning from this one, or if they were in development at the same time.

Anyways, this map has a good vertical element to it and you will need your wits about you when you play it. There is also more to the map than first meets the eye. Connectivity is very good and the little side corridors can yeild a surprise or two in terms of the boo factor and being utilised to cut off your opponent. I've often wondered if a "Decker" style re-texture would not have done this map wonders in terms of it's popularity.
Edited: 13 Sep 2009 AEST

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v1l3 Rep. 1535
#39   13 Sep 2009
Very nice choice for a featured release, this is really fun for promode physics. Druzli's is one of my favorite mappers!
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not entered unregistered
#38   08 Feb 2001
Great gameplay with a lot of nice vertical elements in it. I would love to see a re-textured and re-lit version. Some visual polish would get the unwashed masses out there to download it which would make it easier to find a server running it now and then. Where's Decker? He could polish it up. :)
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riz unregistered
#37   04 Oct 2000

Nice flow, great itemplacement but just a little bit too big. Not a newbie friendly map but i love it. It's all about gameplay.

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DruZli unregistered
#36   02 Oct 2000
now i feel stupid..well the link works if you refresh a few times, dont know why
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DruZli unregistered
#35   02 Oct 2000
just me again:)

Like q3jdm8a? Well q3jdm8a is one of my favorties but i didn,t have that in mind when i was building this map:)But i like it..q3jdm8a has a great layout and gamplay imo.

Here is a ftp://ftp.stomped.com/pu...d3dm4fjumps.zip little demo of some of the jumps there are possiple in d3dm4f:)

hope the link works(not good in this):)

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Decker unregistered
#34   02 Oct 2000
I have to agree with what most people are saying... the gameplay is very good. I can't help but think of q3jdm8a (cpm1) either :)

Keep it up!

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DruZli unregistered
#33   02 Oct 2000
ohh well i dit find this proplem in the end.It was because i have this missingtexture.pk3 in my quake3 so i can see all textures in q3radiant..to fix a bug in that program.Please dowload it again so all of you have the same version.I am very sorry about this and hope this isn´t gonna be a proplem:)



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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#32   02 Oct 2000
Wicked layout, man!

This is probably what Ninja School looks like! Hey teacher...where's the nunchucks and throwing stars? Har, har!

This is one of those maps that is not really slowed down in tourney play versus DM play...the intensity level just stays high.

I love the vertical nature of the map and all the little double-backs you could pull on people to piss them off.

I don't think it's butt-ugly in the looks department ...just a little plain. The rest of the map more than makes up for it.

Keep em comin, DruZli!

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lite unregistered
#31   02 Oct 2000
This map is even fun with the dumb bots from id. I also have a lot of maps but the missing textures are still here. Too bad, but its nice to see some change instead of looks now we get gameplay.

thnx druzli

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gameplay ! unregistered
#30   02 Oct 2000
maybe this isnt the prettiest map , but WHO CARES. its made for people who play the game not for the minortiy few who make maps.

I´ve noticed that many map makers tend to spend way to much on the look and not enough on the game play ... everybody rememembers maps like that strange office map but the map that gets played are map that revolve around solid gameplay like q3jdm8a.

picmip 3-5 i standard i tournament play and most people are in that ballpark so they wont notice the smaller flaws anyway.

druzli : great gameplay ... keep it up !

final thought : your in the midst of "having fun" when you stop throw the women to the floor and start raving about the color scheme in her appartment ... yeah right

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Uncas unregistered
#29   01 Oct 2000
Clandestine: I know 'constructive critisizm' when I see it, and that wasn't it. That was pure and simple flaming. Saying stuff like: "is there a bad shipment of crack going around or something? cuz this map sucks @$$ so hard i had to make certain you guys were talking about the same map i got." will never be considered as "constructive" by a sain individual. It's true however that this map is by no means without faults, but there are better ways of pointing them out in a constructive manner if that is ones intension in the first place. So far the only faults mentioned are visual points, as in it don't look so hot, and that missing texture. Everybody seem to think that the gameplay is great, which you didn't even try out. This, in my opinion, does not qualify you as a constuctive critic.
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xfoo unregistered
#28   01 Oct 2000
great map, but it seems like the idea of q3jdm8a (cpm1) with a little bit of a twist. not saying thats bad though =p
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Joh unregistered
#27   01 Oct 2000
don't want to read all the arguments .

patch for missing texture somewhere?

i think this map is good,just that texture

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DruZli unregistered
#26   01 Oct 2000
This map was betatested all the time it was in build of my friends and they all did se all textures.I looked into pak3.pk0 and didnt find it there but in my q3radiant it shows up in id categories for textures.Dont know what is going on there:(this missing texture is in gothic/trim/baseboard09_j.I have been looking into the forum for leveldesigners at quakeworld and didn´t find any answer there.Well thanx for your 'constructive critisizm'Clandestine and i will try to learn from that:)but then again this map was betatested alot belive me.

Thx alot all of you people for checking out my work and yours opinions do alot for me in the future.

best regards from Iceland


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Tyre unregistered
#25   01 Oct 2000
Very odd not to put ffa in the arena file - seems to me to work best with about 3 bots. Good gameplay, but rather old-fashioned looking (read: Q2). Don't care for the PG placement.
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Clandestine unregistered
#24   01 Oct 2000
funny, i never knew you had to be a map designer to have an opinion. but then again, if you looked really really hard you might find something on me - if you could spell my nick right. keep your pathetic attempts at flaming to yourself.

i may not have had nice things to say, but that's what's called 'constructive critisizm' and without it one wouldn't improve. you can say it's great all day long but the author hasn't learned anything from you, but has from me. on that note, here are some excellent forums to get feedback from before releasing a map for the whole world to see:


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crudeseal1 unregistered
#23   01 Oct 2000
great map man. no missing textures here (but i have alot of maps).

just a few suggestions:

  1. while i loved the textures you used, i am eager to see more level designers go with a more original look, instead of trying to make everything look like the same old grey and brown brick/cement textures. All these maps are starting to look the same to me. Gameplay ruled this one though, and I did like the location of the railgun on the lower level. But c'mon, can we start seeing some more COLOR?? This could have really made your map stand out.

  1. I don't know if this is more the fault of the game or the bot file, but they seem to get dumber everytime i boot up a user created map. They just can't seem to figure out that a grenade will only fire so high (so just standing there on the bottom level, firing at me up on the top isn't going to get you anywhere).

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hhmz unregistered
#22   01 Oct 2000
hi druzli, great map, really the only thing i noticed was the textures, and i play with picmip 0 so i reallly noticed.

this is tha kind of map i wanna see pro's on, not boring crapping qt2..

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DruZli unregistered
#21   01 Oct 2000
hello all and thanx for the response:)Damn i didn´t know about this missing texture.Sorry aboyt that, i,ll try to fix that soon.When i was making this map i didn´t think of visual at all, just the gameplay:)

you know most of the people use r_picmip 2-3-4-5.....the map look ok and nothing more.i like it that way and i hope all can respect it please.

Thanx for all the comments, and angry designer...sorry:). Iwould like to see this map of yours somday please, this is kinda funny dont you think?

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kLuMsY unregistered
#20   01 Oct 2000
Nice map
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hhmz unregistered
#19   01 Oct 2000
funny i've looked for map designers named clndestine, i cant seem to find 1, care to point me where your work is?
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Clandestine unregistered
#18   01 Oct 2000
hmmm.... fingers in my eyes, dm0, jealousy - you guys are really on to me!

i guess when i expect someone to post a map on LvL that meets a certain level of professionalism i'm just expecting too much.

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FooL unregistered
#17   01 Oct 2000
HAHAHAHA! Bla made a funny!
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cr unregistered
#16   01 Oct 2000
Great gameplay, interesting layout but the missing textures, it would be nice if they were included. I can't stand those gray/white stripes, they really can ruin the whole aesthetics of any map. I'll be watching out for an update of some kind ...

Greetings from France.

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hhmz unregistered
#15   01 Oct 2000
its about gameplay here, i liked this map more then all other maps i have downed, and those r a lot of maps. This kind of map should be in the big tourneys, its fun, and not so boring as dm13 and T2..

but i seem to be missing some textures also..

btw redfive it shows in the tourney menu, and i think its a tourney map as well.

as for the bitching, jealousy i guess.

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bla unregistered
#14   01 Oct 2000
clandestine, get your fingers out of your eyes and see the gameplay here. i bet you r 1 of those guys who play dm0 or dm1 all the time coz its not so confusing?
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Clandestine unregistered
#13   01 Oct 2000
is there a bad shipment of crack going around or something? cuz this map sucks @$$ so hard i had to make certain you guys were talking about the same map i got. 'This is as near to perfection as I've ever seen'?!?!?!? WTF?!? someone tell me these are friends of the author 'being nice.'

did anyone notice the missing textures? the obvious copy and paste job done on every set of stairs? the fact that no models are clipped? the fact that every single model available is desperately placed throughout the map? the fact that every single jumppad takes you straight up and then straight back down?

i've heard that the ..::LvL reviews tend to be grossly inaccurate, and this is case in point that proved it to me. i realize a live human being created this map and all, and i'm not trying to hurt anybodies feelings, but i can't even comment on gameplay because i deleted it before i could get a chance! i gave it a one, because the author was able to successfully compile the map and get the .arena file to work. stick to the forums for beta testing, and come back with a finished product next time. maybe there's some 'potential talent' there, but i'm not going to take the time to try and find it with this one.

you don't have to feel alone, angry designer.

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Johnny Law unregistered
#12   30 Sep 2000
Not the prettiest map out there, but it doesn't hurt the eyes, and it makes for some good wacky multilevel play.

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Niptlar unregistered
#11   30 Sep 2000
This level is pretty solid, but I just don't feel it is quite as good as his last work. Its too open in some areas and too tight in others. The visuals are very simple and are a little distracting.
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CyNic unregistered
#10   30 Sep 2000
Very nice map dude, keep on the good work
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angry designer unregistered
#9   30 Sep 2000
This is a conspiration.
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angry designer unregistered
#8   30 Sep 2000
Am I the only one who think this map SUCKS hard ?

I couldn't stop myself from crying just looking at my screen...

oh God !!!!

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xtc unregistered
#7   30 Sep 2000
This is one fine map making, item placment spot on. DM's are fun, but tourney is the way to play this dam fine map.
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Uncas unregistered
#6   30 Sep 2000
Another great map from Drusli. It plays really well, and is cleverly thought out. It's even fun to run around in it alone trying to master all the trick jumps in there. It's definitly a map to keep. Kudoz Druzli.
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SqAr3 unregistered
#5   30 Sep 2000
Jamm this map ownz

Cool mapp druzli spila það oft!

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This Map Ownz unregistered
#4   30 Sep 2000
This map ownz and he´s got lots of other maps that rock too.
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RedFive unregistered
#3   30 Sep 2000
This is as near to perfection as I've ever seen. Too bad the map doesn't show up in the FFA menu, but then again it just screams tourney. Another I love is that there are no "routes" to learn; everything is accessible all the time, in every direction. It's too bad my 'puter specs don't let me see this map as it should be seen. This will be fixed soon...
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FooL unregistered
#2   30 Sep 2000
This map rocks! Everything on the map is accessable without the grapple or even a rocket jump. Often, accessable from 2 to 3 different ways too. That being said, I believe this map is even more fun with the T.E.C. mod ver 2.0. The offhand grapple allows players to take advantage of the superb vertical environment. I think the author had the grapple in mind while making this map as proven by the hidden Murk owns joo foo! (Was he talking to me?!)

The only small fault I could find in this map is it wasn't selectable from the Free For All group. Only Tourny :-( I think this map screams for a 3-4 person death match. Shouldn't be a big deal, just start a FFA with your players in it and access the map from the consol. It's a downer, but I refuse to rate the map any lower than a 10.

11 outta 10 for me. (Bonus point for being extra kick ass!)

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Kancer unregistered
#1   30 Sep 2000
Kool map!!

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