The Octagon
The Octagon by Futureprobe
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Futureprobe unregistered
#13   06 Sep 2001
Hej James!

sorry I hav not written before - I´m not around here very often anymore. Glad to hear that you liked the map. "Octagon 2 - The Revenge" and the smaller 1on1 "Octagon 2 - The Tiny Revenge" can be downloaded here on LVL. Just search for Futureprobe.

A new map is on it´s way called "Safari". Possibly also an update of "Octagon" and a third Octagon-map will come up somtime later this year - am working on several UT/Infiltration-projects right now.

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james unregistered
#12   17 May 2001

I like this map! I like the look of it, it looks very cool. I dont think there is anything wrong about saturating a map with colors, I know unreal got a lot of flack for it, but it looked damned cool. Why would you want a map that looks closer to real life colors anyway? Christ, if I wanted to see that, I wouldnt be playing computer games, I can go anywhere else and see that. Anyway I think more mappers should use intense colors like this more often, and while some may say it looks gaudy or shocking, I think it looks striking, its unusual and to me, it looks cool.

I had a problem with missing textures though, on those light spike thingys, and on some ceilings. Should I have some other map pack to fill these in? Perhaps the three wave ctf?

well, cool map, waiting to see more like it, btw, is octagon 2 out? where can I download it if it is?

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Futureprobe unregistered
#11   16 Jan 2001
Expecting Octagon II / II Tiny to be up within days now...
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Futureprobe unregistered
#10   28 Dec 2000
474 Downloads so far. Not bad... Anyway, just wanted to say that Octagon II is on it´s way. It´s called "Octagon II - The Revenge". Also a smaller version of it will be available, called "Octagon II - The Tiny Revenge". I´m promesing you some quite interesting stuff! Well, frag on!
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Futureprobe unregistered
#9   10 Oct 2000
Thanks man! And you seemed to get what I have been trying to do. Appreciate your comments!
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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#8   09 Oct 2000
I don't know. I thought is was an alright map.

I'll have to admit that the blue lighting theme WAS a bit hard on the eyes after a while since it was so monochrome.

Oh well. Good layout but overall it could have been more connected with a teleporter or two since the map isn't all that small to get around.

One other small nitpick was that the bouncepads (not the one to the RL, mind you) were sending you pretty high. I actually hit the ceiling twice!

Oh well.

Not bad for a first release. I realize this map is completely different from most maps out there and I can appreciate the author's desire to try something off-center.

Just dial back the ocular assault next time. Coolio.

I give it an 9 for originality but a 5 for gameplay.

Overall score - 7

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Futureprobe unregistered
#7   09 Oct 2000
Hm... Might have scared many off with my last comment... What mean is that it´s my first OFFICIAL release. I do have a lot of experience on mapping so it IS really worth the download. Something new, something cool... And blue! The theme is, if that is not yet clear, "Retro Spacestation"...
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Futureprobe unregistered
#6   01 Oct 2000
Thanks for your comments! Well, I know it could have been made different and better an so on, but hey, this is still my first official release :)
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| Wiz | unregistered
#5   30 Sep 2000
I haven't downloaded it yet, but it looks reminiscent of Turok: Rage Wars maps for Nintendo 64. Hmmm, 10? I'll have to download to see for myself.

| Wiz | - ruler of the monkeys

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Niptlar unregistered
#4   30 Sep 2000
The layout is okay, but the lighting is a little strong, and I am missing a texture in lots of areas. It deserves a few points, but you can be sure I'll be closer to 0 than 10!
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Johnny Law unregistered
#3   30 Sep 2000
I'm not saying this is a good map, mind you...

Hey look, someone's already given it a 10. :-/ Good grief.

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Excelsiore unregistered
#2   30 Sep 2000
Hmmmm, it seems somebody can`t gamma correct or find his brightness seemed fine to me...must be a grump.
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Johnny Law unregistered
#1   30 Sep 2000
Someone get up on the grumpy side of bed this morning? :-)

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