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The Octagon
======================================================================= octagon - "The Octagon" - (C)2000 Futureprobe ============================================================================= Title : The Octagon Map type : Free For All Build : final Test Builds : 4 Date : August 26 2000 Filename : octagon.bsp .aas file (for bots) : yes Author : Futureprobe Email Address : **email removed** Home Page : home.swipnet.se/aeon-artworks Mapping/Layout : Futureprobe Mapping/Lightning : Futureprobe Design : Futureprobe Additional Ideas/Remarks : Excelsiore Main Gameplay Testing : Excelsiore, Futureprobe Compile Machine : Celery 500, 128 MB goatcheese, 2 sticks of cheep vanta tnt2 ======================================================================= * About * ======================================================================= The Octagon is a level with a quite simple spacestation-design for 2-8 players (recommended maximum is 4). Allthough the Octagon is a fairly open place it will need some thought to keep track of your apponent/s. This is my first "real release" ever so everything might not be 100%, allthough I have had a lot of help of my friend and Quake III Arena- mapbuildingtecher Excelsiore (www.geocities.com/xcelsiore/)) The design is rather square (as the name shows) but there are, of course also curved surfaces included. A special remark should maybe be made about the lamps on the main arena... Well - go and see for yourself! It´s actually quite cool. It can also be said that I have included some own textures, but mainly, the Octagon has been texturized with the "base"-textures. It might also be said that the design in general is a little "retro". You´ll see what I mean... ======================================================================= * Weapons / Items * ============================================================================= Gauntlet : default Machinegun : default Shotgun : yes (1) Plasmagun : yes (1) Grenade launcher : no Rocket Launcher : yes (1) Lightning gun : no Railgun : no BFG : no Quad-damage : no Haste : no Regeneration : yes (1) Invisibility : no Battle Suit : no flight : no Megahealth : yes (1) Red Armor : yes (1) Yellow Armor : yes (1) Medkit : no Personal Teleporter : yes (1 - find it if you can!) ======================================================================= * Copyright / Permissions / Mumbo Jumbo * ======================================================================= Copyright (c) 2000 Aeon. All rights reserved. This level may be electronically distributed only at no charge to the recipient, and may not be modified in any way. This text file must be included with the level. This level may not be distributed on any CD-ROM without the prior, explicit consent of Aeon. You may run this level on your server as long as no money is charged to players for playing on your server. ======================================================================= ======================================================================= site : home.swipnet.se/aeon-artworks email : **email removed** ///Futureprobe
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