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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#10   27 Sep 2000
I thought the map was kinda fun but some things just seemed off.

I didn't understand why the low walls across from the haste were clipped off, when they looked low enough to jump and run on/over from the haste spawn point moving towards the PG room. I just felt kinda cheated since I'm the kind of idiot that likes to crawl over everything.

Several areas should have been lit better, like the brown flag near the haste and the wall top right above it. There was also some z-fighting going on at the entrance to the RA room, which is a cool detour by the way. The ambient sounds of buzzing bugs and the shader for them flying around the mushrooms was really original...at least I haven't seen it done in a map before. Way cool and a very nice touch! Kudos! Maybe they should have been around the rotting torsos as well, to add more atmosphere. Just a brain fart.

As others have said, this map begs for a RL although with the low walls, a player could rocket jump to any part of the map in 2.5 and I guess that's why you omitted it but it should be there. It's my favorite toy and I missed it!

There was a weird thing happening with the sky, sort of a blocky dealy thingy happinin in the GL corner of the map at the top of the sky box. It shifted towards the RA room/hallway as I moved across the map.

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warmachine unregistered
#9   11 Sep 2000
you can play this map with a rocket l if you have the ,loaded mod very cool map with 1v1 nice jobmonstro
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MONSTRO! unregistered
#8   05 Sep 2000
In my oppinion, RLs spoil the flow of tourney maps. I always went under the impression, that the best weapon to counter the railgun was the Plasma.

And thanks for translating :-)

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s3ntin3ll unregistered
#7   03 Sep 2000
Oh yes IT IS polish language for sure because I`m polish man and i can even translate it to you : "In my opinion this map is quite well. Try to download it and you`ll have a lot of frags on this map" huh maybe my english is not as good as i wish but its better than your polish >:o]

My own opinion : quite good map but players who have to face RG need RL as an antidotum :]

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MONSTRO! unregistered
#6   02 Sep 2000
Thank you Johnyy Law for your comments during this level's Beta testing :-)

If anyone can make sense of what polaczek is saying, please let me know :-)

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Johnny Law unregistered
#5   02 Sep 2000
Not German. :-) Looks Polish.
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Niptlar unregistered
#4   02 Sep 2000
It isn't English and probably not a romantic language (French, Italian, Spanish) either...

I'd guess German...

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| Wiz | unregistered
#3   01 Sep 2000
Wish I understand what that said =(>)

What language is that?

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polaczek unregistered
#2   31 Aug 2000
Moim zdaniem maka jest calkiem calkiem i wszyscy ktorzy ja bede mieli beda na niej fajnie fragowac :o)

pozdrowionka od polskich quakograczy

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Niptlar unregistered
#1   31 Aug 2000
This level really needs a Rocket Launcher. Any level with a Railgun requires a Rocket Launcher. The GL is marginally useful w/o the SG.
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