Cold Storage
Cold Storage by Sp0ofY
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izeColt unregistered
#2   30 Aug 2000
Map is kinda OK. It's kinda little but I do believe you wanted it to be.

If someone is missing action and crossfire, get this and let your brains go to zero-position 'couse action is what you're going to get. Good work indeed.

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s[xPk]lo_p1ng unregistered
#1   30 Aug 2000
can't say as i like this map much for the rail. The spaces are to cramped and it is a little too tight with all those boxes. Take out a few so you can move and I think it would be a better play. Just 1or 2 strategically placed for cover , or just take them all out. It's a balance thing here, want enough for cover but open space so you can move.

This would rock tho' as a Gauntlet only map. Think you could release a gauntlet only version?

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