Cold Storage
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*** Cold Storage - Sp0ofY 2000 ***
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Version: final

Thanks for acquiring storage.pk3 ;)

This pk3 contains:

*** NOTES on v0.1 ***

This version contains the Q3A map "Cold Storage" v0.1, Sp0ofBot v0.1 and the addition of the map and bot to the Q3A in-game menus. These are the first versions of both map and bot to be release and are in their 'early stages' (well that's my excuse anyway ;)

I really need tips on improvement as I know the map doesn't have that 'final touch', and i need the bot to be skinned (prolly just take the easy option of using the klesk model) and the speech files need editing (can't be arsed at the mo).

*** NOTES on v0.2 ***

I've done a lot of work to the map since the last version. I've added a lot to the ceiling - as in there is one now - and added the tv screen that needs a bit of finishing with the help of Amphetamine in making the shader - nothing special at the mo so its liable to change.

i have a feeling it's nearly finished now at last, i'm going to thank the beta testers in the final version .
as for Sp0ofBot some of the text file has been edited but i'm just concertrating on the map - i'll be bringing them out seperatly.

Hope you enjoy what there is of it, and plz be thinking of improvements while playing, thanx - Sp0ofY

N.B. there are only 2 respawn points so it's only fer one on ones!


Place storage.pk3 in your quake3/baseq3/ folder - that's it! i just love the editability of Q3A! ;)

To play 'COLD STORAGE' start QUAKE 3, go to SINGLE PLAYER, go to SKIRMISH, select TOURNAMENT, goto the end of the list and select STORAGE.

To play 'Sp0ofBot' just select him from the bot menu like any other bot - easy ;)


This readme MUST be present with the above files at all times and nothing should be removed from / added to storage.pk3 or altered within the .pk3 - no taking credit fer my work!