Smear Campaign
Project Name: "Smear Campaign"
CTF level for Quake 3 Arena
by Carson Utz (Riscchip)

Files: / Riscq3ctf1.pk3 / Riscq3ctf1.txt

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Version: July 12, 2000


* RUST -- Game design paradise:
* ID Software
* Beta testers--thanx for the help
* Everyone who sent / sends a kind word to me. Thanx much!
* Matt Christmann for a bunch of stuff--especially for loaning me
his CTF-tweaked textures & shaders.


* "What the End is For" /
* "The Widening Gyre" /
Download at:
* "Inferiority Complexx" /
Download at:
* Official Interactive Demo / "Palace3D"
Download at:
* Official Game Levels: "Palace 3," "Palace 4,"
"Rooftops," & "Moontemple."

Available only in the full retail version of
Prince of Persia 3D.

*"The Ring of Bone" /
*"The New Flesh" /
*"Big Tobacco" /
*"Smear Campaign" /
Download at:


Gametype: CTF
Ideal For: 4-8 player teams (6 is the sweet spot)
Single Player: Yes; Fully Optimized for bots


Build Time: About 60 hours
Utilities Used: Q3Radiant 201 / Photoshop 5
Known Bugs: Two of the jump-pad textures don't have
their light-pulse showing on some machines. Any
clue on this? Send me an email.
Equipment: Dual PIII 600 / 512 RAM
Compile Time: 5 hours total


1) Extract into your quake3/baseq3 directory.
2) Start Quake 3, go to "single player."
3) Select "skirmish" and switch it to CTF.
4) Select "riscq3ctf1."
5) Proceed as usual from there.

NOTE: You must have the latest point release installed to see user-made
maps in the skirmish menu. You can also run this as a deathmatch level by
dropping the console (~), typing "map riscq3ctf1," hitting tab, then hitting


I hope you like this CTF level. I built it in the manner of what I enjoy, as
always, and I hope you enjoy it too. It's symmetrical across two axis, in
the spirit of ID's own q3ctf3, which should make learning the layout fairly
intuitive. It has a combination of claustrophobic and agoraphobic areas for
a diverse emphasis of weapon proficiencies. The mean weapons are spread across
the midpoint, so they require some brave fetching, especially if you want
to defend the base. Don't sweat it, though, there are two railguns. Just
don't get cocky. :-)


"Smear Campaign" is Copyright (c) 2000 by Carson A. Utz.
Quake 3 Arena is Copyright (c) 1999 by ID Software Inc. All rights reserved.
The Quake 3 Arena logo and likenesses are trademarks of ID Software Inc.
All artwork including 3D models, textures, and skins is the exclusive
property of ID software.

You may distribute this map on the internet, on a network or other electronic
medium where it can be obtained for FREE, but only as long as it is distributed
in the file ALONG WITH this .txt file (riscq3ctf1.txt). You may NOT remove
the .pk3 file and distribute it alone--the map and this .txt must go together.
In addition, this .txt file must remain unaltered when distributed. The new textures
are all variations on ID's and still belong to them. For that reason, you can do anything
with them that ID Software allows for in their own EULA.

If you wanna put this on a magazine CD, great, but you must first obtain from me
HANDWRITTEN permission. Just email me with an address and I'll mail you the permission
form. You should also send me a free copy of the magazine issue with which the CD
is packaged.

You may NOT use this map as a base for building other maps.
You may NOT convert this .bsp file into a .map file or reverse engineer it in any way.

"Smear Campaign" is in no way affiliated with my employers: Red Orb Entertainment, Mindscape,
The Learning Company or Mattel Interactive.

Now, go kill eachother in a civilized manner.