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Fall Guy by Fractal_Wave
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Cranial Bore unregistered
#6   03 Sep 2000
To make an aas file you need the BSPC.exe that comes with Q3R. In DOS to to quake3tools dir and type:

bspc -bsp2aas c:quakeIIIbaseq3mapsmapname.bsp

where that is the path.

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fish unregistered
#5   31 Aug 2000
thanks for all your suggestions I tried tigger-on's idea because it seemed like the easiest, it worked but it's not worth the trouble, next time if a map doesn't have a .aas file i'll just skip it, again thank you
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#4   30 Aug 2000
even easier - grab a copy of q3build a select some options q3build.gamedesign.net/

(but you will also require a copy of qmap (qmap is the tool that comes with Q3Radiant thats does all the work). You will need to make sure the .bsp is outside of a .pk3

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| Wiz | unregistered
#3   30 Aug 2000
Actually, to make an .AAS file, all's you need is DOS (which, im sure everyone has =) and Q3Radiant.

in DOS, you must locate your BSP. So to do that, you must change your Dir (ex. cdQuake3baseq3maps )

After you have changed your DIR, type in bsp2aas

then type:
bsp2aas -c:quake3baseq3map(mapname).bsp

This assumes you have Q3R and the tools installed under your Q3 dir BTW. I hope I got this right, if not, check out the tutorials at www.quake3mods.net

| Wiz |

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MEet-CEes unregistered
#2   30 Aug 2000
make a aas? ok!

well its almost a year since q3a came out i remember making aas files back in the beggining

if i find a map without a aas file now i just skip that map.

you need q3r and maybe a q3r frontend put that map in your map directory not the pk3 the bsp! then open the frontend and click on the options to make a aas some aas files will take 10-30 min! this isnt all the info you need but if your not a complete lamer then you should be ok. i had a comp for like 6 months and i figured it out.

i know theres one good frontend out there but i wouldnt know of its name now.

i wish Halflifes bot routes were automated int a program instead of laying out waypoints! damn it frontend that! beeotch!

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fish unregistered
#1   30 Aug 2000
there is no bot file, can anyone tell me how to make an .aas file
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