Nar Shaddaa Loading Terminal
Nar Shaddaa Loading Terminal by Knight Lore''FC
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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#6   13 Aug 2012
I see someone is addicted to Star Wars :P. I've got to say, it's not that bad despite some areas being a little laggy but that can be fixed with an update. 5/10
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2322
#5   12 Jun 2011
You know, in The Super Heroes mod for Quake 3 , one of the special weapons you can choose is a lightsaber. I found it rather cool. But it doesn't really compare to playing JK2.
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Kyle unregistered
#4   03 Dec 2010
This map looks like it was based off of the Jedi knight 2 version of this map.
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jose unregistered
#3   03 Dec 2008
ok taht is good so real!!!!
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Mac Logo unregistered
#2   19 Aug 2000
This is not even for JK fans. It's not a Canyon Oasis class map.

How do lucasArts feel about having their JK textures being ripped off?

Worst part - the unmarked teleport.

Good bit - the TIE Bombers

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GONNAKILLYA! unregistered
#1   19 Aug 2000
This map is too tight for me! On the lowest level, the grid in floor above the lava was too repetitive, causing a weird banding thing happinin when you run across it (which made me wonder why there was a lava pit on a supposed space ship). Doors move way too slow (got shot in the back too many times waiting for them to open). The dropoff into space wasn't expected when I hopped down to grab the rail and health balls. Perhaps a star field or nebula thingy for the sky. Map is too tight for an good brawl, it feels like a Half-life level somehow. Claustriphobic.(did I spell that right?) Too many switches and elevators, which also moved too slow. The reddish connecting room with the fog isn't working, there's nothing in there and again it's way too tight. (Map making hint: Fog should only be seen on ONE face of the brush).

Cool visuals in terms of the TIE fighters, though. Too many little excursions, not enough scrappin!

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