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Extreme Overload
Extreme Overload by KILLSPY
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NikitaNik Rep. 69
#34   25 Dec 2017
Looks ugly, but played well!
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FragTastic Rep. 1474
#33   07 Jan 2012
Lol map is good for online which causes major havoc with the railgun but for Skirmish its not my thing ):.
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Big Flaps unregistered
#32   19 Jan 2003
Well if ur any good at actually playing the game then this map is ace. playing on LAN with another top notch player, who can dodge, duck, jump all shots and have intense close up fights....this map is sweet. its a square....yes cause its only for intense non stop railing!!! Playing single player, try it on nightmare with TIG or XERO.....insane. near impossible, but fun....best fight is with DOOM on hardcore!! Stop birching and go kick some ass....
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KaBal unregistered
#31   15 Aug 2000
I like it.
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STUPID KID unregistered
#30   26 Jun 2000
MAN THIS map is cool and all but i cant ever find any body in it. its to big.
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CAT-FISH unregistered
#29   26 Jun 2000
I love this map. I love fish. I love Blenders. But I really love This Map because you can use the rale gun!!!!!
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ocamsrazor unregistered
#28   21 May 2000
What a great map. More please
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elvis unregistered
#27   28 Apr 2000
not worth keeping. one night wonder..no offence; i cant do an better
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CasbahBoy unregistered
#26   12 Mar 2000
It's things like the fact that this map is getting a 6.5 that show that the cleansing is near. You people better start eating your vegatables......
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Skipper unregistered
#25   19 Feb 2000
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Kurupt unregistered
#24   14 Feb 2000
Long time....First thoughts of the map was it was pretty cool. Of course it's a Square, and it has no real "Level" to it, but it's a good map at first.. However it kind of got tedious. You see a guy jumping to the air platform, ::rail:: or you see a guy jumping off the platform with the teleporter, ::rail::, or just fighting on the square is just the same strafeing battle. It's not bad, but it's not great.

I give it 7 out of 10.

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DoGgoNe unregistered
#23   08 Feb 2000
Well, I think this map is a little crapy as far as a full size map. But it works great as a rail map, so I have to say it is pretty cool.
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Juice unregistered
#22   07 Feb 2000
This is nuts. People think this is a good map? Are you guys on crack?

I'm lauging my ass off right now just looking at the screenshot.

It's a bloody square for crying out loud.

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hyrax unregistered
#21   06 Feb 2000
This isn't a map, it's a textured square in a black box.
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Easytofrag unregistered
#20   02 Feb 2000
I love this map.....rail on!!!!
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Kurupt unregistered
#19   01 Feb 2000
Being the "Rail Whore" that I am, I am gonna copy this and take it to my Networking class tomrrow and get some play in on it with a friend. I'll give my opinion then. It looks kinda bland from the screenshot. :/

I can't wait til I get to work on my Rail map. :P

-Kurupt (The Rail Whore)

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Redrum unregistered
#18   30 Jan 2000
No offence Killspy. My efforts with Q3R are frankly laughable. Least you squeezed one out...least I'm better with the rail then my mapping biddies ;-)
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Jim unregistered
#17   28 Jan 2000
not bad for a 1 vs 1, but it needs some obstacles (statues like in DM1 would look nice) on the main area- or maybe a bit pit in the middle.

Definately a good rail gun practice, but take out all of the ammo boxes and leave just 2 rails at either end, and that would make a good tourney map.

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KILLSPY unregistered
#16   28 Jan 2000
I never said I was the best.....I just make fun maps.....thats all!
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Redrum unregistered
#15   28 Jan 2000
If you want a good rail map try mq3 - "Don't Stop" by Steve Thoms. It's got very flow, small enough for tight play and easy to understand.
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SashaDeath unregistered
#14   28 Jan 2000
I downloaded it, I think its a fun map to. Rail only maps RULE!!!
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Loco unregistered
#13   28 Jan 2000
BTW you need lots of ammo when the infinite ammo dmflag is broken!
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Loco unregistered
#12   28 Jan 2000
Sometimes ya just want to have some rail fun! I just made a rail map in like 10 minutes, caring less about textures etc and it was fun as hell! Simplicity rules a good rail only map. I'm downloading this one.
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SashaDeath unregistered
#11   28 Jan 2000
I like it, basic & simple! Rail maps are fun.
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Spiggy unregistered
#10   27 Jan 2000
ahaa just what i need for my lvl. Great ideas just what this map offers
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b00la unregistered
#9   27 Jan 2000
it's minimalism MANNNNNNNNNN don't you get it MANNNNNNNNNNNNN hah
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berrian unregistered
#8   27 Jan 2000
rail training? you're all lying to yourselves.
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ReneGadE unregistered
#7   27 Jan 2000
just for rail training!!!!
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OutOfStep unregistered
#6   27 Jan 2000
I Downloaded it and did not think much of it. But I did find a server running it, with a super fast railgun....sweet!!
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berrian unregistered
#5   27 Jan 2000
I wouldn't exactly call it a map..
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NeO unregistered
#4   27 Jan 2000
Well, its not the best map I have ever seen, but its a good railgun map.
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Scampie unregistered
#3   26 Jan 2000
... why even bother comment exceot for one thing, who that hell gave it a 'good' score?
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Killazontherun unregistered
#2   26 Jan 2000
I cracked up bad when I read the caption..
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r@mses_cfc unregistered
#1   26 Jan 2000
just for rail training!!!!


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