Natestah's Beotch
Natestah's Beotch by Nathan Silvers
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raspatan Rep. 4510
#56   02 Dec 2020
Can't be compared with Nathan's latest release in terms of texture and features quality. Gameplay is bad. Too few items around. Mostly corridor based fights. Missing a big, decent central area. A 2x map size would have been much better. There is also plenty of useless spots, like the one in the image (plant). Why not put the MH there, for instance? A disappointment.
Edited 12.75 hours after the original posting.
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Alice Rep. 605
#55   25 Sep 2016
A classic map. Beautiful texturing and architecture. Very good atmosphere and gameflow. Always fun to play.
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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#54   18 Jan 2012
Bot Play is Excellent :). 10/10.
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WarMachine Rep. 11
#53   20 Dec 2008
8 years, and still not bored... I can't imagine to install Quake III on a new PC without this map. It was my ex-girlfriend's favorite too. We played a lot with this one.

If you haven't tried it yet, then you MUST try it now.



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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6324
#52   09 Aug 2008
nice map for those who like to take their opponents out with the GL. I would have liked to have been able to use the leaves
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LGD*Foralarx unregistered
#51   13 Jan 2006
WarMachine - Posted: 30.Dec.2003 02:50
I've downloaded this map when it was released, and I played it a lot. It will stay on my HD for sure. 3 years and i'm not bored with this map. Awesome !!!

It's now six and I'm still not bored :p

I remember play testing the beta and seeing the addition of the shotgun happen. A great map with excellent flow.

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EBUK unregistered
#50   06 Nov 2004
Still LAN-ing this one now..... A+
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kusje unregistered
#49   21 Jan 2004
bet map i know, it is so subtle, feels like you are there
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WarMachine unregistered
#48   30 Dec 2003
I've downloaded this map when it was released, and I played it a lot. It will stay on my HD for sure. 3 years and i'm not bored with this map. Awesome !!! Reminds me of Tomb Raider's Vilcabamba (the 1st level). I like wandering in this level to look at the architecture, climb the trees and... eat the mushrooms :o). THe gameplay is fast and bots are good.

This map is really a keeper. Give it 9 outa 10.

Very good job Nat...

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Woolie Wool unregistered
#47   26 Oct 2003
Interesting level, with great architecture and excellent use of foliage brushes. Very original. The bots like to hang around the big area with the shotgun too much but overall the bots do well. Could use a railgun though.
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xGHT unregistered
#46   13 Jun 2002
excellent! 10/10
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not entered unregistered
#45   03 May 2001
Great map 9/10
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Knight Cloud unregistered
#44   13 Apr 2001
Its is like oasis 'masafy oasis'
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.{cR}. VelveT unregistered
#43   01 Mar 2001
Sweet Map! So fun to play, so fun to rampage through an organic paradise, rocket launcher smoking.. a dream! And, to respond to the pussy three reviews below.. has a few map reviews, none even helpful, and that site is based around bots and huds anyway! Fuck you cheater, go find a site (here's one right in front of you) that gives helpful reviews and doesn't promote the cloggage of servers with no-life bitches in corners with huds and bots! Ahem.. sick map!
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james Cooper unregistered
#42   29 Jan 2001
Beautiful map. For the person who wrote the entry two places before this one: go fuck yourself, bitch.
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peter unregistered
#41   28 Nov 2000
The best and most original level i have ever seen, and som little in size too! Just 1,5Mb to download.
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[EvC]-ProXiTy unregistered
#40   27 Nov 2000
This is The Best map i have ever seen and i have seen many maps!! I use the mapobjects
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Sundown unregistered
#39   25 Oct 2000
Hmmph! I was beginning to enjoy it, yup, den it crashed my puter. Q3 has crashed only 3 times in the last 9 months on my machine...all on account of tryin' to run this map?!?! I'm all updated, somethin' in this map is doin it. anybody else?
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martin unregistered
#38   09 Sep 2000
great map. the custom objects really make it stand out from other maps i've downloaded. the room with the RA is fantastic. as for the gameplay it was great too - lots of jumping off the top of the stairs and planting a rocket in someone's head...i'm keeping it.

9/10 - (only because there wasn't a fuly outdoor bit)

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j0k3r unregistered
#37   20 Aug 2000
I liked this level b/c of the organic models and ambiance. It is also fun to spam grenades off walls and around corners. Bots were easier to beat than on other maps for some reason. I gave it an 8.
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not entered unregistered
#36   19 Aug 2000
I'm really trying to figure out what you guys see in this map but so far, I'm not seeing it.
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Drew J unregistered
#35   17 Aug 2000
Still a great map though.....sorry if the comments seemed a little harsh earlier.....Agree with the lighting;is much easier on eyes and gives forboding atmosphere!

:) ps-importantant thing i guess is that you are not a devil worshiper! hehehe

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Weezer unregistered
#34   14 Aug 2000
FAst and fun for 2 on 2, 3 on 3. Top notch work and, more importantly...playable.
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[32nd]Spektrum unregistered
#33   11 Aug 2000
Nate, forget about the "id" lighting... your map is MUCH easier on the eyes... and I think every mapper that stumbles across these comments could take a lesson from you in framerates. Your first map was big, and didn't hurt my fps at all. MAPPERS PAY ATTENTION! Not everyone has a geforce 2, ya know?
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not entered unregistered
#32   10 Aug 2000
the problem is not that i have not yet discovered the potential in making my own textures and map objects but it is the fact that i do not know how to do it
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Natestah unregistered
#31   09 Aug 2000
kickass.. thanks people for all the good comments and the few negative comments.

Drew J: think of it as a Star shaped grate then? =). I actually thought about this for a second when I placed the grate. I thought to myself, "man, people are going to think I'm some kind of satan worshiper" as I proceded to place the grate anyway. Didn't think anybody would complain.

I watched some demo's of the pro's playing on DM13 and realized that I hadn't been using the grenade launcher enough.. Untill I saw that demo I was still reaching for the default grenade key or scrolling through my weapons to get the grenade. now that baby is bound to a closer key. Anywho, I love being able to predict where a bot is going and watch him run over the grenades (splat!!). Pill spamming is fun =).

weasel: You can't be serious, My textures are good and id textures are boring?? Thanks for the compliment, my head is swollen now and I'm thinking about a carreer change =) (texture artist!).. it's probably just the lighting on the id textures that you don't like. I think a lot of people would prefer that I throw in some torches to add some warm light and contrast.. Maybe I'll consider doing that on my next level (if I ever get around to it). Personaly I like this look. it's got it's own sorta mood and is easier on the eye's.

Octovious: Yes these are pretty damn big leaves and the fact that they grow out of stumps and dirt is kinda odd too =).. Guess I should lay off the crack =P.

Johny Law: I was afraid of that.. I only played the map once with another person before releasing it. and we ended up on the other side of the map half the time. I think he was too busy checkin out the cracks in the wall to play. It just requires a different style of play (I hope).

gorilla: The art could have definatly gone a long ways.. I just don't have the time for it. Hopefully other mappers will realise the potential in custom textures/map objects and create true masterpieces.

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not entered unregistered
#30   09 Aug 2000
I like this, a lot. It's a good level when I can run around a small level and not be bored. Wish I could make my maps flow like this.
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Drew J unregistered
#29   09 Aug 2000
Very well made map....gave it a 9 for orginality, but alas, this is also a subject for a small bitch.....This map conveys the thought of ruins in some lost celtic fort but the satanic symbols just dont fit.....please forget about the fucking stupid-ass pentagrams!

This map would have perfect with some sort of aztec/celtic/egyptian ancient symbols or runes....why copy id?

The bots hover around the ML, even playing with 2-3 bots. Turns into a grenade-a-thon!

Outstanding map otherwise, and highly recommended!

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Jim unregistered
#28   08 Aug 2000
This is only the 2nd map I've rated at 10 (the other being Coriolis Storm). Great layout, atmosphere and architecture- sort of like exploring an archeological ruins site...
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[THC] Essex Boy [UK] unregistered
#27   08 Aug 2000
This map is the "Dogs Balarous!" what more do I have to say......The detail is supperb we especially loved the bit where the roots have pressed through the wall...nice touch....!all together a superb map...and still maintans a tidy frame rate...oh yeah a word of advice...don't eat the mushrooms....!! : )
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[32nd]Spektrum unregistered
#26   07 Aug 2000
OH yeah, I forgot to mention, it is very rare to see maps with such great aesthetics have good framerates... take rocket arena for instance... that castle map is great looking, but if you don't have a top-notch video card, you can forget about playing it. Nate does a killer job in balancing looks and r_speeds. Bravo.
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[32nd]Spektrum unregistered
#25   07 Aug 2000
OMFG!!!! This map OWNZ!!!! This is some serious mapmaking... why didn't the rocket arena team hire THIS guy??? Geez... I loved his first map, and I love this one even more... he's a freakin' genius, I tell ya. I found so many "secrets" in this map I'm wondering if there is a "real" secret in here! Love it man, I can't wait for the next one. If id software doesn't hire this guy for the next doom game, they are MORONS!!!
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Glass unregistered
#24   07 Aug 2000
i think it is Really realistick and it is one of the best maps that i have ever been on.......for sure!
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Tyre unregistered
#23   06 Aug 2000
I tend to agree with Tigger-oN here - this is a must-have. Looks beautiful and is one of the best Tourney maps I've seen; pretty much up to id standards.

There are minor issues with item placement: the weapons look mostly if they've just been plonked down in corridors rather than having special spots for them, and the loadout is a little low for FFAs. Also, as pointed out by some below, the map could have been a bit less flat.

I'll give it 9, but it's pushing 10.

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Cranial Bore unregistered
#22   06 Aug 2000
That Rules ! Very Quick game play and the bots were pretty good for bots.

The cob webs showed very good attention to detail and climbing the tree is cool, maybe there should be a mega health or something up there.

The models were excellent. I'd give it an 8.5

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SaVaGe unregistered
#21   05 Aug 2000
Yup, I like it...

Great models and fun gameplay.


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Abbo unregistered
#20   05 Aug 2000
Wow - Great map!!!
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Syclone unregistered
#19   05 Aug 2000
Very nice models added in. The gameplay is also pretty good, even if a bit flat.

Those vines and all could do a really cool overgrown Aztech temple themed level, I think. It already kinda looks that way a bit.

Gameplay, although flat, is pretty good, with lots of cutoffs and escapes once you learn the map. I like for a fun 1v1. I'll have to try this one against real people somewhere.

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nunuk unregistered
#18   05 Aug 2000
mushrooms, and plants(especially plants), are very rare in any maps. very courageous wanting to do so.....and succeeding.

i'm not really a fan of the colors and atmosphere, but this is very personnal. still....a very nice and original piece of work.

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koneill unregistered
#17   04 Aug 2000
i think this map deserves a 10, ONLY for the reason that Nate is good enough to create a map that's something new, something unique, and not just another "let me see if i can make a make like the people at id" map. the lack of maps reflecting true creativity an style is depressing.

there are playability issues (albeit small, picky-uny ones) with this map, but overall, it's a HELL of a lot better than most.


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Blitzz unregistered
#16   04 Aug 2000
Vewwy nice map =)

Good ambiance, too

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Octovus unregistered
#15   04 Aug 2000
Bots are hardly worth playing..if you have a good connect. (Which doesn't mean I can beat nightmare bots..sometimes..and always lower skills =) )
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not entered unregistered
#14   04 Aug 2000
...bots hardly requiers skils


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MEet-CEes unregistered
#13   03 Aug 2000
i sorta discredited nate new map [see LvL beta posts]. but after giving it another goaround i found the bots much more score with bots all nightmare bots [50,42,39,38,and me<->29 :[! ]

sorry, need more practice.

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weasel unregistered
#12   03 Aug 2000
I really liked the plants (especially the mushrooms) and the texturing on the plants. The textures on the rest of the map is a bit boring, and it seems small. About the lack of clipping on the plants, i doubt those leaves would support the charcter's weight. The heavy armor seems a little to campable to me, though.
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not entered unregistered
#11   03 Aug 2000
Cant wait to try this one out as a ra3 pickup map! ;)
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4Fuxache unregistered
#10   03 Aug 2000
nice models and all but I found it a little boring after 15 minutes though
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gorilla unregistered
#9   03 Aug 2000
"a must have level??" don't believe the hype.

It's not bad, but the review by lvl would make you think it's a masterpiece. The connectivity is the strongest point here. This offers a solid, fast FFA game. But the art could go a long way. The leaves and such are real "boxy" looking, and there's no variety anwhere on the walls. 90% of the map is made of the same two colors.

So many maps either look great or play great but not both. I think that's the case here. If you have a shortage of small fast maps, this isn't a bad on to have, but I feel like a little more work could've taken this one a long way.

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2 B Continued unregistered
#8   03 Aug 2000
First impression: I liked this authors first map much better. I kept looking for a door to go outside in this one. I felt kinda boxed in.

I just got it though so I'm not voting yet. Wouldn't be fair.

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Rat_Scabies unregistered
#7   03 Aug 2000
Mighty fine piece of work, love it :)
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Johnny Law unregistered
#6   03 Aug 2000
I wanted to jump on the leaves too. :-) No biggie.

This map is a visual treat. Not just the plants, but the brushwork and texturing. Good detail, everything blends together nicely, some cool architecture out of the field of play, all sorts of good points there. Probably worth a download for that alone.

It doesn't play bad, but something bugs me about the gameflow. In 1-on-1 it seems the players are not drawn together as often as I would like. (There's barely enough "stuff" for a FFA... 3 players manages OK.)

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Manta unregistered
#5   03 Aug 2000
If this map suits Natestah, it suits me. I've watched Nat play and he is pure skill, nothing flashy. Admirable Nat!
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Corrosive unregistered
#4   03 Aug 2000
not bad, alot different from every other map ive seen. steady 7 :)
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Spram unregistered
#3   03 Aug 2000
I had fun playing this. The atmosphere was fantastic. Good job. 9/10
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Octovus unregistered
#2   03 Aug 2000
Er, in last paragraph "with the SG, Gl, and RL and SG ammo" is really "with the RL, SG, GL, and GL and RL ammo". =)
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Octovus unregistered
#1   03 Aug 2000
Not quite what I was expecting....which is a bad thing in this case.

The lack of RG and inclusion of PG is a nice and refreshing change! It works in this map very well. I also loved the plants, though the lack of clip brushes on leaves which, given their size would support your characters real weight is kinda weird =). I understand it might screw connectivity up, but then don't put the plants where they could become stairs.

I didn't play tourney, which is obviously this map's focus now that I've tried it out, but FFA was pretty fun too. A little strange looking's as if your in someone's overgrown castle courtyard or something. Also the bizzarely large plants (with the exception of the tree) but normal sized building, i.e. the rooms aren't scaled to make you seem small is rather strange.

The gameplay was good, though the RL area, with the SG, GL, and RL and SG ammo was a little campable. Plus the RA wasn't that far away.

Like I said, not what I was expecting, but nonetheless and 8 outa 10 ;)

Cyas! Octovus{QsRu}

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