Space Platform 7400
Space Platform 7400 by PfhorSlayer
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pfhorslayer unregistered
#5   20 Aug 2000
That dodgy bouncepad is really screwing me up... It seems as though there are two different versions of this map going around, one that is screwed up, and one that is not... the odd thing is, they are both compatible with eachother! the one you can get at is fixed.

Thanks for the posts all!

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RRROOOAAARRR unregistered
#4   10 Aug 2000
Apart from the dodgy bounce pad, this level is actually a lot of fun - I loaded it up with 4 bots and utter carnage ensued! So if you want a good laugh, get this map.

7/10 ( as is )

9/10 ( with fixed bounce pad )

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nunuk unregistered
#3   05 Aug 2000
when you look at the screenshot, it is the upper left jumppad that is not functioning. this is very weird, because other than a trigger mistake, i don't know what it could be....

tigger-on is right, you get slammed on one of the central walls, and then directly in space.

maybe it doesn't affect the bots? anyway.....

no vote for me. i'll vote when i'll be able to play in it.

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spazz unregistered
#2   04 Aug 2000
i downloaded this map, and i didnt have any jump pads that didnt work, or projected you somewhere that you fell off or anything of that nature.

Im wondering, which pad is this "bad" one that ppl are talking about?

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nunuk unregistered
#1   04 Aug 2000
pfhorslayer, don't forget to betatest your map before releasing it. the fact that one of your jumpads is not even working makes me wonder if you played in it at least one time!!!

i mean.....what a waste!! your layout is simple but excellent! everything is ruined because of that jumppad. the triggers are not that hard to apply in a map. but maybe we have to find the problem elsewhere. in that case, too bad for you.....

anyway...i tried a few times to see if the problem was constant, and it was.....

also for the no-drop, if you don't know how to do it, open in radiant, and cut and pastethe bottom of it in your own map. i can check only the design of your map, i'll say that i like it. too bad once again.....

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