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Takkie Rep. 1658
#42   24 Feb 2021
The flow of the maps is nice but I don't like that yellowish waste processing texture... Unfortunately this map is textured all over with it...
Edited 2.62 days after the original posting.
Edited 3.94 days after the original posting.
Edited 3.95 days after the original posting.
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FragTastic Rep. 1492
#41   07 Jan 2012
This was my first ever map i downloaded a long time ago :). 10/10.
Edited: 16 Jan 2012 AEST
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 1980
#40   14 Jul 2011
If Quake and Doom came together, this map would describe such.
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This map is central Processing unregistered
#39   09 Jul 2010
This map looks so much like E1M6 In DOOM. This would have only been a tiny part of that level as being the one three-way intersection.
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UniKuM unregistered
#38   20 Aug 2000
The second best map I know. Only r_tourney3 is better.
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Weezer unregistered
#37   14 Aug 2000
Where are the "air-scalators", like in the original? Fun map.
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Drew J unregistered
#36   08 Aug 2000
Bots do play well on map and great with humans....Railguns are for P*y campers with no ability; dont even think about adding railguns......more muted color for slime pool would have perfected this map as well as switching the red/yelloe armor placement.
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Corrosive unregistered
#35   06 Aug 2000
and ugly? i think not, this maps got great atmosphere... kinda looks like an insane assilum :P
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Corrosive unregistered
#34   06 Aug 2000
pfft, you obviously havent played the map with HUMANS. Dont be harsh on a map when youve only played with bots(actually it sounds like you only took a little look around). This map plays fast and furious(especially with Challenge Pro Mode)
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ozh unregistered
#33   06 Aug 2000
Okay, everybody did love dm4.

But forgetting about this quake1 map and just looking at this one, what do I see : some average map with under average ugly looking textures that don't fit together at all.

Wouldn't have said 'this map sucks' if the initial comments were 'this map is ok', but well, that's what I did think.

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gorilla unregistered
#32   05 Aug 2000
Fast gameplay and connectivity. The colors are kinda garish though. Something about the neon green against the sand colored walls. It moves fast. An average map.
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Lakron unregistered
#31   04 Aug 2000
k, thanks Corrosive, just making sure =)


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oscar from denmark unregistered
#30   04 Aug 2000
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Corrosive unregistered
#29   03 Aug 2000
xfoo, #promode. But not tonight.../me is drunk atm hehe. Also since there are no cpm servers near me, and u r mostlikely west coast(im east) ill have about 180 ping, but i dont mind. Mothership duel? :)
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xfoo unregistered
#28   03 Aug 2000
wtg on puttin your name in xfoo

/// xfoo

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not entered unregistered
#27   03 Aug 2000
"xfoo u r so wrong, its very possible to take back control. And its not all rl, gl plays a big part in this, and the lg is very handy in some areas. This is one of my favorite q3 maps. And only in cpm can you really experience the map. IMHO this should be CPM7 :)"

with the way cpm works,(stronger shaft, more bounce in rl) having those two weapons right beside eachother AND beside the red armor make for a very one sided game. If you play two equal players, the game WILL be decided upon whoever gets the spawn closest to the shaft/rl, because if you spawn on the RA, you won't have a gun.. oh! the gl... sure but if you lose to someone with gl when you have shaft/rl with fast weapon swap.. you really suck.

hey corrosive, ill even show ya how you can lock it down off of the spawn, lets get a game going =p


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Corrosive unregistered
#26   03 Aug 2000
If you mean the little cage on the corner of the wall, your supposed to be able to shoot thru that.
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Lakron unregistered
#25   03 Aug 2000
kick-ass map! One of my all time fav's, although I kinda found a "bug", a wall you can shoot through, no, it's not some regular wall, it's that fent which covers the corner of a wall (it's hard to explain), it's on the 2nd level, near the teleporter (not the one that's on a lowered floor, it's the other one on that leve).

If you have no clue what I'm talkin about, I'll take a screen-shot of it and post it up on the net somewhere so you can see. Otherwise, excellent map!


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Hi-C unregistered
#24   03 Aug 2000
Very playable, great aesthetic sense. Lots of cool, understated details that add up to an original moody look (Gothic over-decorators, take note). One gripe: bit cramped in places.
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Corrosive unregistered
#23   02 Aug 2000
xfoo u r so wrong, its very possible to take back control. And its not all rl, gl plays a big part in this, and the lg is very handy in some areas. This is one of my favorite q3 maps. And only in cpm can you really experience the map. IMHO this should be CPM7 :)
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Johnny Law unregistered
#22   02 Aug 2000
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God unregistered
#21   02 Aug 2000
Hey man, railguns suck ass. they're for lame campers. rockets at least give your prey time to run. (not much, but hey) the railgun focusses highly on ping time, and if you've not got adsl you're bloody fucked.

No way r u taking this map open or stuffing it with llama weapons.

someone shoot rudy.

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KnetterGek unregistered
#20   02 Aug 2000
Good map, I think. If Tig says so, bound to be.

but ehm... how the hell can anyone tell? where do you DL it? fileplanet is having fits and has been having them for months. in nine wekks i have manged to DL a total of 2 files. out of more then fifty selected on polycount and lvl.

someone give me the address for a good mirror. (the .au mirror don't work neither.)

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r_speeds unregistered
#19   02 Aug 2000
thanks everyone again..

this map has been in beta for a couple of months. I've gotten lots of different kinds of feedback. i have talked to citizen about it. version c is the final version. sorry. (besides theres nothing worse than having multiple incompatiable versions of a map floating around in the online community)

Tigger-oN, this is a nit pick of a nit pick, but for the record thats not a custom texture. it appears in q3dm11 in several places near the sky.

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nunuk unregistered
#18   02 Aug 2000
rudy. still even today, you'll find hundreds of crazy guyz who just play q1dm4 all day long. i'm sure there must be a reason for it. but i understand what you mean, with this kind of map, it's like if i went back three years in the past.but i like it anyway..

johnny law is right....sometimes maps with no railguns can do a nice change.

2different maps/2different styles.

one construction detail: i find the light a bit too high in some places. i would have seen a darker atmosphere, but at least nobody will complain concerning the fact sometimes we don't recognize the players models.

minimal textures, nice alignement, it's pro.

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Johnny Law unregistered
#17   01 Aug 2000
I'll probably have it on the kitty1 (Mothership) duel server as a votable quite soon. See the listing here at LvL for server details.

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Hellbringer-VTX unregistered
#16   01 Aug 2000
if you have a server or know some1 who does PLEASE start running this map! it rules!
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Johnny Law unregistered
#15   01 Aug 2000
Take out some of the ammo if you like, but don't open this map up or put the rail in. Either of those changes would make it play completely different. There are plenty of open maps, and an amazing number of maps with the RG. Don't bag on the few maps that go in a different direction just because of that difference... there really are other maps to play, if you like that other style. Which I do, but I also like this style.

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Rudy unregistered
#14   01 Aug 2000
I'm so tired of this type of map! I play ProMode

exclusively these days and this just magnifies the


I HATE ROCKET ONLY MAPS! Quake 1 was friking 95%

rl in the obits and I don't want to go back. This map

is "get red, get rl, pick up some of the bazillions of

ammo packs for the rl, and hold your finger down.

The rl is WAY to much in this map. With 2 in, nobody

can control them. It's just rocket stomping at it's

worst. Bounce, bounce, friking bounce. Open the map

up, put a rail in, and take out some of the rl ammo!

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xfoo unregistered
#13   01 Aug 2000
if you agree with my post below r_speeds, try talking to citizen about your item placement. considering citizen has edited the item placement on several maps and that citizen is on the CPM team, he may want to help you out (and hopefully make a better, more balanced map).
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xfoo unregistered
#12   01 Aug 2000

i feel this map is much better for vq3 than it is for CPM. the reason for this is because the lg (with two ammo boxes) is beside a rl (with two ammo boxes) which you can get to either armor VERY quickly (from 'outside' lg staircase doublejump across the gap to the gl platform and you can drop down on RA in about 4 seconds.. or take the tele which is about 6). putting the mega out of the way along with an rl is a great idea, but both of the exits to that hallway are beside eachother, making that area a deathtrap. all of the more powerfull weapons are on one side of the map, which is bad for flow and 'weighs down' one side of the map. so its a great map, but as of this version (r_tourney8c) the item placement makes the map not as good as it could be.

im sure if any 'top' CPM players played this map, it would be a very one sided match. which would be decided on by the better spawn spot, which isnt very good.

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#11   01 Aug 2000
By sandstone I mean the main wall texture in the upper section of the screen shot. That custom yellow/orange texture used (like i said, its a nit-pick).
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sock unregistered
#10   01 Aug 2000
I loved your previous work for Wages of SIN. (SIN Add-on pack by 2015).

Awesome map by a pro mapper.

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not entered unregistered
#9   01 Aug 2000
Heh, I was just going to say that this map works best with pro-mode when I saw r_speeds post. :)

I'll vote later. Haven't played it enough yet.

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Corrosive unregistered
#8   01 Aug 2000
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Johnny Law unregistered
#7   01 Aug 2000
I'm going to comment without having tried the final version yet. I'll come back and correct myself if I'm wrong. :-)

This map does a great job of recreating the DM4 "feel" without being copycat reconstruction (which wouldn't work in Q3A). Thumbs up as well to the visuals, they actually remind me of a "next generation Q2" style. Anyone who dumps on this map -- or on they CPM team if they choose to use it -- because it's a "DM4 remake", is utterly in the wrong, and I would suspect that they haven't actually played it.

I have a few nitpicks but I think I'll wait on mentioning those until after I can check out this final version. :-)

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r_speeds unregistered
#6   01 Aug 2000
thanks guys...

write to someone on the promode team and tell them you like it, they are trying to deside weither to include in with CPM... www.challenge-worl...m/promode/team/

does anyone know what the reviewer means by "sandstone"? I'm worried it he might have a pk3 where a normal ID texture is replaced with a custome texture... this would alter the appearance of every map using that ID texture...

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Vorlonesque unregistered
#5   01 Aug 2000
This and Lost Forever are the two best maps I've played so far. This one is great and I recommend it to anyone! I enjoyed this far more than any of the id Quake3 maps...damn good!
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xylem unregistered
#4   01 Aug 2000
finally not a beta map anymore!

enjoy ppl's, this is what the best maps are made off

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s{XPK}lo-ping unregistered
#3   01 Aug 2000
damn!....that's r-tourney3i, there is an erroneously placed "t" in the name from the previous post,...heheh...(mental note to self, ...must learn to type)
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s{XPK}lo-ping unregistered
#2   01 Aug 2000
I've actually had this map on my hardrive for a while...It is one of my favorite tourney maps. the connectivity is just amazing. I love rocket jumping to the RA room from the lower deck.

My first impression of the map was that the placement of the RL and the MH side by side was a little odd,....after playing the map a while though you quickly realize that if you control the top levels of the map you win the game. So just as a matter of balance it makes sense. I like this one mainly as a tourney map ....that is when you really appreciate the connectivity. I give this map a 9 ( the teleporters don't bug me that much ....gameplay is king with this map)

PS: r-speed has another map out which is better for FFA called r_tourney 3i t...it's in regular rotation at the Burialgrounds server

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fish unregistered
#1   01 Aug 2000
a great 1on1 map I give it an 8 the bots seem to play better than normal on this map.
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