Dead Wrong
Dead Wrong by Eggman
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topo unregistered
#11   12 Oct 2001
i thought a reworked version of this level was going to be in the threewave project...

what happened?

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hannibal unregistered
#10   14 Sep 2001
Too dark in too many spots...a tad too cramped in others. To sum it up for those at home, it needs to be substantially reworked in some basic areas to make it anything more than 'let's frag some bots' CTF map.
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topo unregistered
#9   16 Dec 2000
this is a good, underrated ctf level. nice small design that maximizes the space by means of connections between the rooms. basically a figure 8 in plan, the bases are actually much closer than they may seem. because there are so-many paths to take, both flags end up getting taken and there are good chases and stand-offs until one team can return it... nope, there goes the flag again. nice use of basic textures + good lighting. great level for small-medium sized ctf.

...btw- yes there is bot support.

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Mr Do unregistered
#8   10 Dec 2000
No mention of a bot file in the update. Is there one?
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Johnny unregistered
#7   06 Dec 2000
My mistake, the files that LvL has linked are in fact correct. The name of the .zip file is different, which is what sparked the confusion. The contents of the .zip though are exactly the same as the one that I linked.
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Johnny unregistered
#6   10 Mar 2000
Okie I finally got around to completely repairing this map. Download the newest vers. at I promise no more half-assed releases :)

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Johnny unregistered
#5   23 Jan 2000
Guys perhaps I wasn't clear,

Goto this url and d/l this file,

extract this zip into your baseq3/maps directory, it will give bot support for this map.

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mR. aTiTude unregistered
#4   22 Jan 2000
I like the map alot, but with no bot capability, time to move on :(
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Blink unregistered
#3   22 Jan 2000
Since I have a deep satifaction for CTF maps, I downloaded this one. It's a good map, but very, very oddly put together. Don't get me wrong, some of the stuff is cool looking but the way both bases are set up is just to weird for me


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StatiC unregistered
#2   20 Jan 2000
Nice map...If it had bot capability, I would actually use it :/.
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Johnny unregistered
#1   20 Jan 2000
There is an .aas file available for this map at my site.

If you can ignore the occasional b0rked texture on a curve here and there, I think you'll find this map has alot of depth.

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