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Sirius Arena by (Sirius)
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not entered unregistered
#27   04 Jun 2004
Best map ever!
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Reptile unregistered
#26   21 Apr 2001
Make them stop mammy!
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ThatGuy unregistered
#25   09 Nov 2000
The map looks and gameplay rule! And I can play 1600x1200 32bit high resolution tesxtures full everything else with just a 32mbGeforceDDR and 64mb of system ram with no hard drive accessing!
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Sokkratez unregistered
#24   27 Jul 2000
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Tyre unregistered
#23   25 Jul 2000
From all of which we can deduce that Sirius is about 13 years old max.

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Octovus unregistered
#22   23 Jul 2000
Not unless he hacked it or has 10 comps to do it from BigGun =P

(Which, I guess, either could theoritically be true)

Yes, I know I can't spell

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BigFreakinGun unregistered
#21   22 Jul 2000
How in the HELL did this map get a score of 5.12 after 24 votes. The guy who made it came to this site and gave it 10 like 10 times or something i bet. I think it is more like -5.12 What a waste of time.
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Zarathustra unregistered
#20   20 Jul 2000
Ooooh. Octovus, I didn't notice that before about Lucky Luke / Sirius being the same person. Pretty embarrassing.


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Octovus unregistered
#19   20 Jul 2000
Yeah for ID codes! Now we can see that Lucky Luke is just Sirius pimping himself!

(And I don't give a shit whether it was for laughs or whatever don't spam the fricking boards just cos no ones gonna edit you while on vacation)

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Kuddel unregistered
#18   20 Jul 2000

hehe @ gonzo :)

krass, diese map... einfach krass... bin fasziniert... :P

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Zarathustra unregistered
#17   19 Jul 2000
In fact, this map is the third highest in the last 10 releases posted.

It's Higher than "Smo's Tower," "Infinite Circles," and "Duel Twilight." Maybe these are arguably not the best maps, but they are all good efforts and attempt to create a sense of flow and interest in gameplay and visuals.

I'm not voting on this one, because I want to see how this plays out.

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Zarathustra unregistered
#16   19 Jul 2000
I guess I'm just going to give up trying to make any sense of this scoring system.

This map is almost a 6/10 after 12 votes as I write this. I've seen some pretty good and thoughtfully made maps only get 6/10 from some people.

How is it possible that the score is so high? This map looks bad and really doesn't have any gameplay. A bunch of randomly placed weapons in a box with a boulder or two in the middle is not good gameplay.

I mean, if all it takes to get a rise out of people is a "so-so" rendition of "My Very First Test Map," then I wonder why anyone would bother making maps like "Blood Run," "Ancient Archipelago," or "Coriolis Storm?" Is it worth it to be insulted, criticized and nitpicked, while maps like this get tender treatment?

I have nothing against the map author himself, but c'mon, people. I've seen some of the best maps even get zero's from some voters. If those maps can be a zero, what is this one? -10? -20? -30? What the hell?

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Luigi Mendoza unregistered
#15   19 Jul 2000
Oh well who the fuck is sirius?
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Gonzo unregistered
#14   19 Jul 2000
Kann mir mal einer sagen wie man aus diesem Level in den nächsten kommt.
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Sirius unregistered
#13   19 Jul 2000
OK, the next map(box)will be bigger.
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ViSitOR unregistered
#12   19 Jul 2000
tHiS iS a sPECiAl gERmAN lEvEl! oNly 4 gERmAN gUyS! g
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Entenkiller unregistered
#11   19 Jul 2000
Super endlich mal eine einfache map.THX
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Snoopy! unregistered
#10   19 Jul 2000
This Level is sooooo Goooooooood!
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Lucky Luke unregistered
#9   19 Jul 2000
Best map i ever saw!!!!
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MONSTRO! unregistered
#8   19 Jul 2000


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junk unregistered
#7   18 Jul 2000
this map was fun for insta-gib!
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steevo unregistered
#6   18 Jul 2000
sounds shit, can't be bothered to d/l. why waste your time with this complete shite? have you got nothing better to do?
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Octovus unregistered
#5   18 Jul 2000
Lol this is worse than the maps I (try) to make! Not that I'd help LvL in "cluttering itself" by sending them in....but a box..a freaking box.
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OmniSmash unregistered
#4   18 Jul 2000
Blargh :(

A box with health and weapons; literally heart-stopping :/

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TwitchFactor unregistered
#3   17 Jul 2000
This board really needs to stop cluttering itself with this crap...

it'll make people not want to come here if there's a slew of shit spewing out.

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Xplosive unregistered
#2   17 Jul 2000
Did I miss somthing here?

Lame with a capital "L".

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

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Laughing unregistered
#1   17 Jul 2000
Looks shit!
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