Haven of Lost Lords
Haven of Lost Lords by Ygdrazil
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Takkie Rep. 1798
#2   26 Dec 2014
A well worthy comment by 'tapped'.
Must have influenced a mapper or two...
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tapped unregistered
#1   16 Jan 2000
eh... it's so-so. already gone from the HD, but it's a fair attempt.

one thing i see in a lot of maps is that people don't seem to have any sense of architecture; if one room's ceiling is made of wood, and the adjoining room's isn't, there MUST be a transition: a decorative strip simulating a joint (no... not THAT kind =).

the textures are pretty scatterbrained, too, which is a shame, cuz some rooms are done pretty well, while other aren't as good, and then they're thrown together into one map. the net result is a map that appears unbalanced, with out of place areas, contrasting (in a not-so-good way) architectures and textures, and a generally slight "mish-mash."

also pay attention to the details... some textures flicker at poly seams, and tend to shift all around. (one spot (only on i saw) in the map is under the ledge in the BFG room, where the skeleton is sitting. check the underside of the ledge.).

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