Tekkno Tournament
Tekkno Tournament by Amphetamine
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OmniSmash unregistered
#13   02 Jul 2000
After playing the map, I'd have to say that it was too easily dominated by the Railgun and other hitscan weaponry, especially in the main open area.

I'd also have to agree with the comment below in that it's a bit on the dull side in terms of layout and perhaps architecture ( though I can understand you tried to keep frame rates running smoothly )

Strangely enough, it reminds me of a lot of UT DM maps, but the weaponry in that game is better suited for more open battle than the Q3 weapons.

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Tyre unregistered
#12   01 Jul 2000
I didn't have any trouble with this map - showed up in the display as normal. Comments;

Solidly constructed with well-placed details; liked the window onto the rocks. I have two objections: firstly, the lighting in the big area is too dark; given the brightness of the sky it looks wrong - there should be more ambient light around. Secondly, I'm sorry to say, the layout is just a bit dull in its simplicity.

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OmniSmash unregistered
#11   01 Jul 2000
Absolutely we live and learn; if we didn't learn while living, then there's little point in going on regardless of what we do in life =)
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NOT ENTERED unregistered
#10   01 Jul 2000
Can I sit down now; as my feet ache from standing all night.
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MONSTRO! unregistered
#9   01 Jul 2000
Will the real not entered please stand up?
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Amphetamine unregistered
#8   29 Jun 2000
Ooops, sorry my bad....

Anyhow, the reasoning behind the ampy1 thing is that I was gonna make a DM map witht he same central area, but never got around to it (so it would have been ampt1 and ampdm1) and I just never thought about changing it... Oh well... You live and learn right?

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OmniSmash unregistered
#7   29 Jun 2000
...And of course the fact that there's only been 1 vote so far.

It would be adviseable to rename the BSP inside the Pk3 file so it has the same name as the Pk3 itself.

A suggestion, but one that would be a nice gesture on your part Amphetamine ;)

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not entered unregistered
#6   28 Jun 2000
Amphetamine, it says in the readme text that the file name is - amp1, due to this error, lots of people may have difficulty loading your map. Just letting you know; as the lack of remarks about the map may suggest that others are also experiencing problems.
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Amoeba Brain unregistered
#5   28 Jun 2000
Thanks for the help Amphetamine. Just hope I don't get lost again while I'm running around in the map.

Now which button do I press on the remote to get to the skirmish menu.

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Dutch unregistered
#4   28 Jun 2000
Come on boys and girls ...let's sing a song! "Website contacted waiting for reply" Website contacted waiting for reply" "Waiting for reply" "Waiting for reply" "Pray for the contact and curse the damn site" Now for the chorus..."Come on Tigger find someone anyone else" "'cause these guys bite" alright enough singing.
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Amphetamine unregistered
#3   28 Jun 2000
High IQ: the map is ampt1.bsp (you wouldn't have got anything up by typing in amp1.bsp) It does say in the readme that the filename is ampt1.bsp (allways read the label!)

I have no idea why it wouldn't show up in the skirmish menu however (it worked when I madce it!) Hope you manage to play and enjoy :-)

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not entered unregistered
#2   28 Jun 2000
i would like to help you,but i cant download the map because once again fileplanet is down.tigger-on please get someone else soon!
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High IQ unregistered
#1   28 Jun 2000
I can't get this map to run in Q3: anybody know what's wrong.

The map doesn't appear in the skirmish menu and won't load from the console either.

Please help me, as my brain is hurting real bad after trying to figure out what is causing the problem.

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