The Cage (2)
by toad
The Cage (2) by toad
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2322
#6   14 Jul 2011
Halloween much?
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Brother Phthora unregistered
#5   28 Jun 2001
Wow, I just now found this level, and Aardappel, you're right. There was a Quake level like this, and it was called The Cage. I should know, I'm the one who built it.

It's not identical to mine, but the concept is definitely the same. Hmmm...

I'll get it uploaded back to a server and then we all can judge for ourselves. (BTW, it did make a fast, furious, fun Q1 level!!!)

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CAT FISH unregistered
#4   27 Jul 2000
This level reminds me of some thing....... Now i remember it reminds me of a box with shit in it!!!!!!
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Aardappel unregistered
#3   29 Jun 2000
lol? there used to be a quake map like this, looks almost identical. Could that have been "the cage"?
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fatmanfat unregistered
#2   29 Jun 2000
It's very cramped - ceilings a little low.

Some of the walls look too thin.

And the rocket launcher dominates too much - it always seems to end up as a fight around the rl.

But, it's fun as hell, probably because it's so tight. It's pure action.

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KnS.Hakaisha unregistered
#1   28 Jun 2000
I've played tourney on this map a couple of times for fun, and I found it had a lot of the appeal of t3 for gameplay. There's lots of speedy ducking around corners, and close-in fighting with the RL and shotgun. You also have the "gridle" which has all the dangers of the platforms on t4 for underneath splash damage.

I find the map works well when you want a fast-paced game; constant action is fun somtimes :) I'll have to try instagib on it...

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