The LC Divide
The LC Divide by [LC]d3CIb3L
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not entered unregistered
#10   19 Oct 2000
Awesome map, fun for 1v1 or even with a group of peeps!
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Hiryu unregistered
#9   12 Jun 2000
This map has the classic elements of high and low that I remember from the original Quake. The ingenious use of the "wire" floor in the center, prevents rocket splash damage-I really appreciate that. A map that makes you pay with precious life just to obtain the annoying BFG, is a winner in my book...."Thank you sir, may I have another?"
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Grovah unregistered
#8   12 Jun 2000
This map is way cool. It also makes a great 1v1 map if you take out the quad !
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not entered unregistered
#7   12 Jun 2000
I posted a score of 5 by mistake, would you please remove this Tigger.
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miles666 unregistered
#6   12 Jun 2000
great map d3CIb3L, the vertical play is excellent, weapon layout is great, makes you work to grab the mega health, and there is even a secret room ( can you find it? ). the bots really dig this level as well. great work, can't wait to see your next.
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Steinecke unregistered
#5   12 Jun 2000
Hello, '[LC]d3CIb3l'. Generally I'm of the opinion, the most maps are overbright. I like playing in the dark; this increases atmosphere and makes maps glow. Another thing I like: bots become more dangerous in the dark, 'cause they have always the same radar, doesn't matter how 'dark'.
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Akira unregistered
#4   11 Jun 2000
This map makes for fast, fun, and furious gameplay. Excellent visual design as well as layout. Item placement is fun (do you dare enter the room of death to get the rocket launcher?) and there's even an Easter Egg in the level. The author's clan banner looks awesome and the mirror is pure genius... I've fragged many a vain soul who was busy checking themselves out in the looking glass. :) The custom music track is also a good choice. It's fun to frag to a kickin' soundtrack. Great job, d3. Looking forward to more of your work!
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[LC]d3CIb3L unregistered
#3   11 Jun 2000
Thanks on all the positive feedback I've been getting. I'm stoked people like its uniqueness. As for it being dark.. its either too dark for some.. or its just fine. I settled on what you see now because I wanted to avoid a washed out bright map like many others. Some dark can be good. Enjoy!


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BearFrog unregistered
#2   11 Jun 2000
I've played this map over and over, and I like it's unique feel... although it's a smaller map, you don't feel trapped at all with the high ceilings in place and the open part in the middle. I particularly thought the bottom-most floor was great because of the quad- nothing but a carnage fest. Overall, it's an awesome map that has a lot of pontential if it were to grow larger.
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Steinecke unregistered
#1   11 Jun 2000
Somehow this strange map contains the spirit of the 'Day of the Dead'. That lowryish tiny-skull-made-of-sugar-feeling.

That for (& 'cause bots do ok) I like this map. It's a unique feeling.

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