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Screenshot for ET Experience by Firestarter
Added: 10 Jun, 2000   More than 15 years old
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11 Mar 2018
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just came upon this map and noticed it mentioned best played with the corkscrew mod. here's a newer link to corkscrew mod v2.16 that should work:
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19 Jun 2008
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The link has been updated, thanks Nobody.
Also, I was unable to reproduce your posting bug. If you feel like it, could you send me a message via the contact form, that includes your web browser and OS? This way I'll have a little more to go on. There is some anti-spam posting code, maybe it needs some tweaking.
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19 Jun 2008
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The "Corkscrew Mod" link goes to a blank white web page. This is a problem, since people who read this review may want to read about, and perhaps even download, the mod in question. Correcting the link to point to the mod's home page, wherever that is, seems like a good idea.
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03 Jul 2000
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GREAT map Firestarter
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11 Jun 2000
KGB agent
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Download Instagib Corkscrew to make a better expierience!

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