PadGarden by ENTE
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Gorre17 Rep. 105
#25   30 Dec 2018
I can not believe that this map is from 2000, I think that is a great merit, And if you're a railed player like me it's even more cool
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Kyall Rep. 317
#24   16 Mar 2012
I don't know why so many people thought this map was bad. It is an awesome map, a great idea, and I don't see any reason not to like it. It is massive, so you have fun exploring it. It is cluttered, yes, but it is better than being just a simple, open map, with no hiding places. The textures are excellent, and it has a nice skybox to match it. The gameplay is very fun with 10 human players, and the bots go pretty good as well. I do not have a problem with framerates, though people may have had problems with it back in 2000, so I understand that. All in all, an awesome map. 10/10.
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Anonymous unregistered
#23   06 Jan 2012
Nice map!
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dg unregistered
#22   02 Dec 2009
hey dude what an awesome idea for creatin such a map and that hidden bfg is excellent
could you say me how to collect regen and flight tried
aint gettin a way
sorry for takin your time
you could mail me that at
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Tombot unregistered
#21   02 Mar 2004
alternetivley you can go on mass killing sprees in your own backgarden
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interface unregistered
#20   31 Jan 2002
Best Map it rockz
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Lyta_79 unregistered
#19   16 Oct 2001
I love reality maps. Gothic, factory and other boxy levels

are getting stale...

We don't care what the llamas say, theres maps are here to stay!!

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XcentriX unregistered
#18   14 Jul 2001
I don't know what peoples problem is with reality maps.

Would you rather play nothing but the old tired out Gothic or Industrial maps.

We need a change, even if it doesn't last long, it is worth it.

But I agree the gameplay just isn't there.

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not entered unregistered
#17   19 May 2001
great level! lots of eye candy!
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Faces of Fear unregistered
#16   06 Aug 2000
Wo die genialste Map von Ente, ideal geeignet für Camper.

Das einzige was mich stört ist das man ewig braucht bis man bei der BFG ist.

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Bighomie2000 unregistered
#15   08 Jun 2000
This map rocks.
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RedFive unregistered
#14   08 Jun 2000
Hey, i've known some girl who fragged MY ass !!!! I hope one day I can frag like her !!! :)
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badmotha unregistered
#13   08 Jun 2000

im not quite 'offended' by your past comment. and im suprised that you can actually managed to raised some good issues to cover your emotional attempt the other day.

im just sit here and realized that our diffrences is simply fall to personal taste and respect for other peoples work [specially when im no good at all with *brushes and polygons].

as for your call RedFive, LETS GO OUTSIDE , i hear you frag like a girl.

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RedFive unregistered
#12   07 Jun 2000
Badmotha: Excuse me if I offended you. I play maps; I don't make 'em. And yes if I did try to map something it would probably look like test_bigbox.bsp. But I did try RuntFest and I did try this one, and I just hate feeling super dinky! Maybe it's better with a mod like Beryllium or Coliseum where you can Grapple to hearts content, but even then you'd be a sitting duck waiting for the grapple to hit something. I'm not taking anything from the way the maps look; man, Runtfest blew my eyeballs out of my skull! But if there's less than 10 people on it you can't find each other. THAT is what I meant about the gameplay thing. That and the monster 'puter you need to really enjoy it. I download maps to play, not just to gawk at the textures. Even if the map looks like it's been created by God Himself, if it's so huge that it takes an hour to go from point A to point B I won't like it. And if you want to see why I'm a player and not a mapper, TRY ME !!!
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badmotha unregistered
#11   07 Jun 2000
its fun.

good work oxide.

RedFive: give us your best shot, or you just to sissy to build a level and just like to come in and blurb like SHYTE

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erik unregistered
#10   06 Jun 2000
i like it very much!! i gave it a straight 10! maybe my fps isn't very good all the time but PadGarden rules!!
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Steinecke unregistered
#9   06 Jun 2000
Sometimes... things outbalance each other. Eight.

It' s fun, below the pounds surface, waiting for prey.

But I guess, to most off You this must be just boring everyday standard-environment, You don't wish to see on Daddies computer- monitor, again?

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Mimi unregistered
#8   05 Jun 2000
-- The Realistic Visual beauty of this map is great. It’s very fun when combined with other MODs (Speed Quake, Coliseum2, Hulk, and Paint Ball).

-- The PADGARDEN is very popular with young Quake 3 players in my house and my neighbors where the fast pace is not a top priority for them. They play this map with the Paint Ball Mod and have very wonderful time with it. They all give it a 10/10

-- I like this realistic theme map very much. I wish ENTE would do a new version of this map to improve the frame rate. I give it a 10 for the visual art and 6 for the game play due to low frame rate.

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SiCdeth unregistered
#7   04 Jun 2000
ahemruntfest looked good, this piece of garbage is awful! theres nothing good about this map at all, the fps is horrible, the item placement is bad (3 railguns?) people should just realize that maps like this are just bad and should not be made anymore, its becoming a trend, unless ure positive that it will be an awesome realistic map, dont even think about sending it to LvL.

i give it a 1!

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RedFive unregistered
#6   04 Jun 2000
What do people like about feeling like a flea anyway ?!?! This map and Runtfest look good but play like SHYTE !!!
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0xide unregistered
#5   04 Jun 2000
No, I'm not gay Why, want my UIN?

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(o Y o) unregistered
#4   04 Jun 2000
this map's not too fun... deleted it like the highly overrated "runtfest"

oxide: are you female, or are you gay? i liked the cave decor as well

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0xide unregistered
#3   04 Jun 2000
Hhehehehehe, yea, the gameplay stinks, but the map is just so cute! =P I love the little details! The BFG cave is beautiful.

Only good for a quick look see.

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Mandog unregistered
#2   03 Jun 2000
lol .. the only advice my mother gave me was not to drink beer through a straw.
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overdog unregistered
#1   03 Jun 2000
My Mom said that if I can't say anything nice then don't say anything at all........
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