The Middle Of Nowhere
by Ivan
The Middle Of Nowhere by Ivan
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raspatan Rep. 4538
#17   25 Sep 2020
Quite basic design and not optimised for strafing but it plays quite well.
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hannibal unregistered
#16   29 Mar 2001
Well, it is a little drab, but some great tourney action can be found here. Highly recommended!
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Vibrator unregistered
#15   31 Jul 2000
I haven't found any missing textures here, i don't know what you're talking about.

Anyway its a very nice map indeed.

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Newt unregistered
#14   24 Jun 2000
Hey man...kewl.
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Quad Lord unregistered
#13   13 Jun 2000
hey wspaniala mapa... czy ktos wie gdzie moge snalesz polskie servery by sobie po railrowac:-)
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RedFive unregistered
#12   07 Jun 2000
Mucho Thanx Ivan !!!
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Gregory99 unregistered
#11   07 Jun 2000
Fajna kolorystyka,za duzo zbroi(trafilismy sie z botem po dwa razy z raila i nic...) 8/10
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d3f3nd3r unregistered
#10   07 Jun 2000
Nice. I always like clean, well flowing base maps and this one is no exception. The layout is great, however I feel the item placement could use a little tweaking (weapons are all clustered together and the personal teleporter is pretty useless). Also the missing texture is something that should have been caught in testing. Good clean fun though.
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Ivan unregistered
#9   06 Jun 2000
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miles666 unregistered
#8   06 Jun 2000
this lvl kicks! any one know where the mh texture is from? i hate looking at those white lines.
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Niven unregistered
#7   05 Jun 2000
I told ya this little level roxx :)

The only thing I don't really like about it is that there are some places that are totally item empty on the lowest level (for example in the RA area)

I told Ivan about after beta testing but I guess either he didn't get my email or just ignored me ;>

Good job anyway :)

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Elfinko unregistered
#6   05 Jun 2000
Wow, nice!

I dont see any missing textures at all. I do get an error reporting a missing texture/shader but Ill be damned if I see it anywhere.

Anyway, very solid, very clean and has great connectivity. I love it. A bit bland for my tastes. The touches of shiny chrome bring it back to life though. The lighting is perfect. I especially like the light fading off the wall mounted lights. Two bots is too low for the arena file. This would play great with about 4-6 people IMO.

Once again. Great job. I want more!

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Niven unregistered
#5   05 Jun 2000
the broken texture is in the texture pack for qeradiant I guess.

in files section, there's a lot of new textures used in custom levels. Those are the ones that someone at Id forgot to put in pak0.pk3 :) (i think)

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RedFive unregistered
#4   04 Jun 2000
I guess I ain't the only one missing a texture at the MH, and I've got Zoid's TWCTF textures. Oh well. A really nice map though, especially the humongous gap for the teleporter. an 8 because of the missing texture, but a definite 9 if it's fixed soon !!!
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rockhard ;) unregistered
#3   04 Jun 2000
nice work ivan, hope to see more maps like this from u :)

one gripe tho' - theres a missing texture @ the mega health under that bit of piping :/

Oh well not to worry still kiks ass :))

rockhard ;)

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Haccess unregistered
#2   03 Jun 2000
Hmm, I kinda like the architecture/texture set. Could have been laid out a little better... strafe-jump friendly. Definately too much health/armor. Was also missing a "floor_pool" texture and shader.
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Niven unregistered
#1   03 Jun 2000
Finally :) One of my favorite levels got reviewed :)
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