Wicked by FxR|jude
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Takkie Rep. 1798
#34   08 Mar 2014
There's something in me that preffers this map over cpm1
but it doesn't matter, the layout is brilliant.
Functional design at its peak.... and yet so ugly
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2352
#33   29 Oct 2012
This was rather a letdown. I know there is that new CPMA version of this map, but I don't like how it is nighttime, or the fact that the brick textures were changed to tech aesthetics.

Just add bot support and an .arena file to this level and it will be to my liking.

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SW12 unregistered
#32   02 May 2010
I watched The "ARENAS" Movies and episode 7, Scrimmage, Had this map. DO leaves fall in this map like in the movie???
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NoNameFek unregistered
#31   21 Oct 2001
The base of all skill tests in CPM...
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Sundown unregistered
#30   08 Sep 2000
This a dueler's feast. But get the new updated one (CPM 1) part of the re-released Pro Mode map pak (just updated a few days ago with some finishing touches supplied on Wicked). here's the download:


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xylem unregistered
#29   29 Jul 2000
this is the best quake3 duel map so far, what are you waiting for go get it!!!

Wanna make it even more fun?
Get Challenge ProMode!!!


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not entered unregistered
#28   28 Jul 2000
Kind of dark for a competition map, don't you think? I know the hardcore competition people use vertex lighting most of the time anyway but... still.
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flame unregistered
#27   12 Jul 2000
yeah john your fucked this map has the best gameplay ive seen in q3,unless your a newbie who only cares for eye candy,the visuals dont matter at all,its 100% the gameplay,which is what jude delievers.
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JonTart unregistered
#26   07 Jul 2000
well ive had this map 4 ages and i just saw it here so i thote id unleash my opinion on u

yeh it looks a bit borin but it plays so well its inspired me to make a map, and has showed me that agood map does need to b fancy in the look dept.

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BlueBlood unregistered
#25   26 May 2000
I think this map is for Pros, or atleast not for newbies, cus they see only nice things like nice textures nice curves and so on,.

The oldones like me ;)) Dont look at the map in the same angel, i see the good fast exiting gameplay. What i want to say is that this map ait so nice in textures and so on, but who cares? The opponent is fully visible and the gameplay ROCKS thats the important thing when making a DUEL map.. Thats my word. And for last, Jude YOU ROCK SO HARD :) Keep up the good work,.

BlueBlood out.

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OozE unregistered
#24   05 May 2000
Gameplay is where it counts...this map has that in spades! Great map--great work!
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Indigo unregistered
#23   23 Apr 2000
YEEEEEEES, q3jdm8a is the best map i ever played in q3a.



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pyzak unregistered
#22   13 Apr 2000
This map became very popular in poland.

They are playing it in the biggest polish q3 league.


good job :>

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pyzak unregistered
#21   29 Mar 2000
Jude -> where to get Quark6 ?

I mean the compiled delphi version.

If u can give me a link or just send the file to pyzak@juno.com I would be grateful :)

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EvaDream unregistered
#20   28 Mar 2000
C de la bombe ATOMIQUE cette map !
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[Di]Sycroz unregistered
#19   28 Jan 2000
Jude mate, other then a few things: The cramped feeling, the odd textures, the overhang and a few other small things, I reckon your map was sweet, going to a LAN tommorow, might give it a whirl :)

Oh and gimme a demo of Python playing on it! hehe

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Timothy 11 BlacK unregistered
#18   19 Jan 2000
Damn screenshots can be decieving...boring and dull use of colors and textures...too bright in most areas,weird amateurish shading in others..crappy structure..too crammed in spots that shouldn't be crammed...oh and dull!strangely it was fun to play in a 3 player game
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FxR|jude unregistered
#17   14 Jan 2000
You have a very good memory Hobbes :)

Yes, Wicked was also a quake2 map i did. This map was basically re-done with the q3 texture set. I took out the water because large areas of water really hinder the flow, and that's not what duel is about :)

I should have another q3 duel map coming up. Iv'e taken in alot of advice on duel maps, and hopefully i can come up with something even better..

Dru - no probs at all, i wasn't having a go at all, just explaining my thoughs on curves.

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Dru unregistered
#16   14 Jan 2000
FxR|jude - Sorry, I missed that point. Humbly apologise.


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Hobbes unregistered
#15   14 Jan 2000
Wicked - wasnt this one of your quake2 maps? The bottom section was filled with water to the level of the bottom RL. i have vague memories... =)

The mechanics of the level are ok, im not one for the fixed1 super connected atriums myself.. but alot of others aer so i'll shut-up =p.

I have to agree with tig re: the over hang. maybe go in 128 units from the stairs and raise the over hang 64units?

The curves/fps issue is a hottie by the looks of things =) My clan mate pointed out to me after i gave q3a a huge slagging on its performance re: that it may suck now just like q2 did when it was out but as the quality of the systems in homes rises so to will q3's performance. So i think a side point from those wishing ppl did use the new features more is that in future when systems can run q3a with full detail then older maps without curves (to help the fps situation now) will look just that.

Anyway, the layout is pretty cool, havent played it myself. thin wall near the rl destroys the feel a bit there. the map like alot of stuff coming out has good potential if you choose to 'do it up' like ids fps killers (hehe) if you did decided to, you might want to put an extra 16 - 48 unint into the ceiling/floor between the top and middle levels.

im a bit unsure on the pt. whats the deal with pt's in duels guys? good bad.. ugly? =)

g/l with your next effort, and get stuck into Q3R

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optional unregistered
#14   13 Jan 2000
Less framerate drops on a map = good gameplay.

You want sexy ?

Go to www.laetitiacasta.com

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FxR|jude unregistered
#13   13 Jan 2000
Oh yeah, just incase it's not obvious, the post below this one was by me.
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not entered unregistered
#12   13 Jan 2000
Dru, i didn't use curves in this map because i couldn't. If you had've read my post below, i said that i am using Quark, not Qeradiant. I know i could have used Qer for some stuff (i actually used it for the misc_models and a few other tidbits) but i didnt use it to build any of the architecture. Using Qer after 2 years of Quark use is kinda like driving on the left hand side of the road for 20 years.. then switching. There's also alot of fundamental differences between Quark and Qer.

Another reason i didn't put curves in (i could have found places that curves would have been effective yes, but that's not the point) was that map is designed to be a duel map and to me, that means that frame rate is important. For example, on q3dm5, i can stand next to the RA and look back towards the plasmagun/YA and my frame rate drops to <40 (i have a P2-450/V3 3000 - dont start a 3dfx v Nvidia war, this is not the place). I am hard pressed to find a place on this map where my frames drop below 100 (Vertex lighting @ 800x600) and to me, this is more important (but not critical) than having mirrors, curves and other CPU intensive effects. Don't get me wrong, they DO have their place, i just dont think that your missing anything by there being no curves in MY map.

Of course, you could be exactly the opposite, prefer lots of curves, mirrors etc at any performance cost. To these people i say great - i'm sure there's people out there that love putting those types of effects in. I'm just not one.

Just a side note, apologies for the bot file being out of date. It's fairly trivial to create another, but if you dont know how to do it, or cant do it, let me know and i will email you one. I'm also looking into fixing the overhang thing. Strange, i'm not bothered by it all :/

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Golney unregistered
#11   13 Jan 2000
Dru - yea quake3 has curves - but I would say, they are in there just for fun and to make the maps look a bit neater.
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Dru unregistered
#10   13 Jan 2000
Pyro - Quake 3 Arena has curves, and I'm sure there were parts of this map where they could have been effective. New technology is there for a reason and there to be used.

X-Files - If Tig has a bad way of checking out maps, is probably because 99% of all q3a custom maps are below par on quality.

Just my opinions.


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X-files unregistered
#9   13 Jan 2000

Cuz Tigger-On has a negative way to review maps. Like what kind of stupid comment is this : "theres no curves" and dont give me this observation bullCrap. Geez, like 90% of the maps in here are bad, give me a break!

i personnaly think Tig has a bad way of checking out maps.

Tell us how you do it Tig?

do you check for new technologie stuff first , like curves , cool textures mixes , nice design rooms or do you start off by checking out if the map has potential in Gameplay?

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GibFest unregistered
#8   13 Jan 2000
Pyro why do you constantly GIB @ tigger hwat has he done to you. The map looks ok too 8).
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phen unregistered
#7   13 Jan 2000
-It's a very retro layout but that suits the RL and weapon placement.
-"No curves" shouldn't be a criticism but it is an observation.
-That low overhang on the stairs badly needs fixing.
PS: When i tried bots the game said ".aas out of date." I am using the point release though. (But all other maps work ...)
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pyro unregistered
#6   13 Jan 2000
What is the point of saying not a single curve in the map? What does that matter at all for? Should we start judging maps because of lack of certain new features? Seriously get a clue. How about saying not a single mirror in the map even though mirrors are detrimental to gameplay? This map is btter than you say it is. I think you should point out the good with the annoying as you put it. Too many harsh words on maps, most better than yours.
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#5   13 Jan 2000
I've changed the map type to Tourney 2 player as this does seem more correct for the map, sorry about that FxR|jude
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MowdeTui|eFeXaRe unregistered
#4   13 Jan 2000
I like the bouncepad to RL :)
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Neville Mc Neville unregistered
#3   13 Jan 2000
this map flow is simple yet effective, it is a fun and close map for 1on1 games, with a cosmetic overhaul and some refinement it would rival the likes of fixed1 for q2...



-Neville Mc Neville - the Level Devil

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FxR|jude unregistered
#2   13 Jan 2000
heh, actually, there is no curves. I didn't do this map in QERadiant, but Quark (which doesn't support curves yet). Hrm.. strange but i'm sure i did include an .aas file in the pak.

Just one other thing, this map is designed to be a duel map.. not DM or Team - another half reason to have little or no curves.

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SnuFF unregistered
#1   13 Jan 2000
Its a pretty good 1 on 1 map, pity about that overhang thing.

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