Tribute to shmitz
Tribute to shmitz by Wreta
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Jaboby unregistered
#3   21 Jul 2000
Your maps oWns Wreta, and we know it:) Just hope some of the Scandinavian wankers are gonna play Actf real soon... I like the remake a lot, even though Actf is never going to beat Lmctf, not in 100 years!
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OO7MIKE unregistered
#2   16 May 2000
I played the map in with and without the mod. The mod is 27 megs and it does add to the gameplay unfortionately i cant get the grapling hook to show up or work with the mod on...but it works just fine with out the mod. (yes i did turn the graple on all maps on and off..??still nothing??)

This is a good map. The winding stairways took so long to get up. This map is fairly simple but quite challanging. Do your self a favor and dload the mod!!The bots actually sound intellegent. "Im on offence" "blue flag stollen" and other nice sounds.

7/10 If i could get the hook to work in the mod i would be so happy....Now im off to play the maps that were included in the Alliance CTF mod (quite the number of them)...cause im a CTF whore this week!!!!

Should be fun.

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Wreta unregistered
#1   14 May 2000
Hmmm..I did NOT forget the hook textures..If you read the readme file you will see that this map isn't made for orginal Q3ctf its made for the Alliance ctf mod...

Now if this site is only for dm and orginal ctf maps then i think my map dont belong here!!!

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