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grey matter by zippie
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raspatan Rep. 3847
#46   07 Jun 2020
As so many said earlier, this map had so much potential! With some minor adjustments here and there (add pad, more strafe and jump friendly, more room connections, perhaps slightly bigger, and better item placement), it could really make an 5/5 map for a duel. As it stands, it is fun, but also frustrating as it really feels an unfinished map. As the review said, the fog effect is really well done. A shame it hasn't been remade.
Edited 2.43 minutes after the original posting.
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Takkie unregistered
#45   31 Aug 2009
Somehow I still like this map.... but that's just me, I guess
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MrR unregistered
#44   28 Sep 2001
Excellent map. My favourite of all time. Fast and furious even when there's only 2 players.
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Birth Control unregistered
#43   28 May 2001
Hey Zippie! This is a rockin map. It ain't the prettiest, but it has great action, flow and item placement. It's small and tight so there are few places to hide. It's been in our rotation for a good year or so and it's one of our faves. A real classic. We have been running it with 8 players - a damn bloody fragfest!
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Gr|m_r@p|$t unregistered
#42   21 May 2000
Good map, but a little tooplain for my taste, but I guess the name applies in this case. Pretty fun, and some good architechure here and there...

Good Job tho Zip!

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Sir Frags A Lot unregistered
#41   08 Mar 2000
Hell Yeah

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Syclone unregistered
#40   21 Feb 2000
Nobody but me notice that when you kill somebody over or in the fog, their dropped weapon disappears? I've seen another map with gray fog do the same.

Bug, or fog of death? I think they are using the fog of death that culls weapons so the renderer doesn't end up drawing a bunch of unreachable weapons.

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GummiEnte[NCGQ] unregistered
#39   28 Jan 2000
> people from n.c.g.q for having the ultimate ng <

thnx zip :)

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willcifer unregistered
#38   28 Jan 2000
I love the gameplay of this map... great flow and lots of action... so many weapons in such a small map doesn't usually work, but all seem to have a place here... and I actually like the textures, too... a little muted, goes well with the fog... which, by the way, is used extremely well in this map. Fast and furious, Grey Matter reminds me of playing Ztn2dm2... good job.
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{VNV}GUNNER unregistered
#37   17 Jan 2000
Fast,fun, flow and FOG. Love it!
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The Pilgrim unregistered
#36   15 Jan 2000
The map shows promise, but it looked like it needed more time.
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The point of the site unregistered
#35   12 Jan 2000
is not the reviews (but I fully support Tigger analysing them from a critical and uncompromising point of view(, but people's comments on here. Which, as long as people do comment, and comment well (and have the faintest idea about map quality...), I think is a great idea, I'd comment lots if, errr, I liked Q3A :P.
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DeathFox unregistered
#34   12 Jan 2000
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Junkie unregistered
#33   11 Jan 2000
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#32   11 Jan 2000
Glad you liked the banner Shambler :]

AND i'm really glad to hear ppl like the site - just can't wait to get the FTP access back so i can get the next 16 reviews up!

hang in there ppl, as soon as i can i'll update with maps

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CrAcKeR unregistered
#31   11 Jan 2000

I love your site. Your reviews are a bit short, but you defiantly point out what is going on in each map. Screw all these people who think this site sucks, if they think they are so great why don’t they put up there own web site. Keep up the good work!

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Shambler unregistered
#30   11 Jan 2000
Completely unrelated, but I just saw a banner that said "Radium is dead, long live LvL"

Lol!! Way to go with slagging off Radium for shutting down. Nice one Tigger =).

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Nobody unregistered
#29   10 Jan 2000
I agree with you Stone Cold so heres my


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Stone Cold Spider 3:16 unregistered
#28   10 Jan 2000
Dont listen to ppl like "Pookie" Trigger-oN

there just gay ass wankers that want to piss u off and every1 elese

and if u think Pookie should shove his head up his dads ass where it belongs give me a big "HELL YEA"

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Wiebo de Wit unregistered
#27   10 Jan 2000
Hey Tigger-oN,

don't worry about the crap, you run a cool site. keep it up!

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Nonny unregistered
#26   07 Jan 2000
Just been playing on this level in work with about 6 people. Ok so the jumps are invisible and the texturing is missing that final bit of gloss but I have to admit, for 3-6 players it has playability and flow by the shtload and for that I adore it. I have DL every map I can find on the net and I think this plays the best out of the lot with fognhell a close second, class!!! now...ooh yeh work, sht :)
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#25   07 Jan 2000
Gee.... i miss updating for a whole 24 hrs because i'm a bit busy.. and ppl complain !!!

29 levels in 5 days - what other site updates more than that?

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Pookie unregistered
#24   07 Jan 2000
Does this site ever get updated?
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Triga -Mappa unregistered
#23   06 Jan 2000
This map isn't one i like but i cant be to fussy :) But what can i say? Oh -the invisible jumpramp is kinda a stupid idea even though the layout of the map is good.

Enuf said :|

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Frib unregistered
#22   06 Jan 2000
Righto, with that crap aside... :)

The map! I confess that I have only played it with bots, but it really was a very enjoyable map. Usually the bots piss me off so much that I don't play for more than 10 mins, but I ended up playing this one for over an hour, and I know I'll be loading it up again.

The good:

Nice layout (nothing stunning, but solid here), with good area scaling - I'm tried of these oversize Q3 maps, its great to see a nice tight level, it really makes the game more intense. Also, in my opinion this map features excellent item placement. The author has obviously paid attention to this area of design and most everything is placed quite intelligently, with enough items to support the intended player load. Plays nicely with the bots (which usually bore me to tears), so it could possibly be excellent with real players.

Visually, nice enough in parts but a bit undetailed and also a bit rough in places. I like the fact that the dude created his own look rather than go for the typical q3 styles.

The bad:

As mentioned above, a bit rough, looks kinda unfinished as a few people stated. The invisible jump pad is kinda crap... you get used to it of course but it's quite far from ideal. Whilst we're on the jump pads, there is too many and often they go a very short distance.... often they could have quite easily been replaced with stairs or something, making navigation smoother and making you less vulnerable as you travel around.

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Frib unregistered
#21   06 Jan 2000

Tigger has done a nice job so far commenting on the maps. He's tried hard to point out the GOOD things about these maps too, which is very hard at the moment because we are seeing a flood of very poor maps, with the odd 'good' effort.

A lot of these maps are not even worth mentioning at all, but if they get subimitted then Tig is obviously gracious enough to post them. Thankfully Tig is critical of the flaws of these maps, thus saving me wasted time and bandwith (I don't have to download the crap if he tells me it is crap in advance).

Also don't forget that this is not really a map review site. In case you didn't notice, Tig writes a short blurb about the map with a screenshot, and then WE take over and post our comments. A nice system. In any case, even if these were full reviews, a review is nothing but a glorified opinion anyway. Why can't Tigger post his opinions on his site? Provided he is fair and reasonable (he has been so far), where is the problem?

And for whoever asked, Tigger-on does make his own maps - and they are very high quality and very original. And yes, they are available at this site. Do you ever look beyond your own nose?

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Killer unregistered
#20   06 Jan 2000
Wasn't impressed much at all by this map. Like others have said, seemed unpolished and I though the architecture was a little lack lustre. Didn't like the invisible jump pads either. Sorry to be so negative but I prefer people to speak their mind rather than bullshitting around the bush. Loyout was OK but generally the map needed quite a bit more work, felt a bit rushed to take advantage of the early eagerness for custom Q3 maps.
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rapid unregistered
#19   06 Jan 2000
Eventually, great maps will come. As mappers get used to Q3Radiant and Q3 gameplay, the maps they make get better. I think this is a good, fun little map. It might not be perfect (the invisible accel pads I found unacceptable), but it's still worth a download.
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CHiNX unregistered
#18   06 Jan 2000
Good map with great layout, tho the texturing could of been a bit better.

Also found a major bug in the map, u can rocket jump up into the corners of walls and see into next rooms.

But other than that, this map is prety good, its got great playability.

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not entered unregistered
#17   06 Jan 2000
This is not only ment for this lvl but I'll just say it here: You Quake Mappers are doing great work! I've never seen as great maps as these.

And tigger-on: try to pick out the positive parts as well.

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Stone Cold Spider 3:16 unregistered
#16   06 Jan 2000
MAD ASS map =)

But i agree with lvl about the brick texture look more like a lane way than a Q3:A map at times

but the gray fog kicks ass

sends a chill up ur spine walking down there when u can only see about 5 meters infront of u corse of the fog =)

Great map Zippie

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Badatetuede unregistered
#15   06 Jan 2000
This map rules, its realy fun too play and et got a real nice

dessign and a playsment of weapons. Lets hope that there comes more maps of its kind.

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Shadow unregistered
#14   06 Jan 2000
All I say is, you are one very harsh man Tigger-oN. I think you need to focus a bit more on tha positives of peoples work... instead of JUST pointing out the bad things (well what u consider bad). How about describing tha map more than just picking on a map...

(btw, I know a little bit of critisim does help people learn and produce better maps... but give 'em a break)

To all those level designers out there, congrats on making such awesome maps.... I have only just started to get into Q3Radiant... it's not THAT easy.. well done you all you guys.

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Johnny Law unregistered
#13   05 Jan 2000
Hey "Someone"... the guy does make his own maps, and he does make the good ones publically available. His first Q3 map is available on this very site, how about that?

However, that's almost completely irrelevant. Map reviews should be done from the viewpoint of a _player_. Whether or not the reviewer is also a mapper... who cares? So what you should really be asking is not "do you make your own maps??" but instead "do you play Quake 3??" (I think the answer is "yes".)

The job of a map review site is to be critical. Not "mean" critical, but critical as in paying attention to detail, including a map's faults. If it's just all love and sunshine, there's really no point to it. Tig may stray into a little too much subjectivity from time to time, but mostly he's just doing his job.

There are plenty of sites that just list maps for download, along with the authors' comments about how great they are. Apparently though this isn't one of those sites.

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#12   05 Jan 2000
Someone - I run this site, and yes i make my own maps, have a look at lvlworld.com/comments.php if you want to see one of mine.
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bah unregistered
#11   05 Jan 2000
uhhh, the more criticism, the better; the less bullshit, the better; the less bandwidth i waste downloading shitty maps, the better.
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Gerry unregistered
#10   05 Jan 2000
Thanks LvL, keep up the good work
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Erlandr unregistered
#9   05 Jan 2000
Hate to continue this off topic discussion but I actually enjoy seeing an objective look at peoples maps. This page isn't meant to pat the backs of mappers, its meant to let me know if the map is worth downloading or not. If you want to see map bashing go check out cranky steves site www.somethingawful.com/cranky/ :).
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Someone unregistered
#8   05 Jan 2000
Hey... I just want to make the comment that I see that the guy that runs this site always bitches about the bad points of the maps. I only ever noticed one map didn't get any bad things said about it. You make some of the maps look really bad when the gameplay is decent enough. Have we all forgot what this game is all about?? Maps should look good, yes. But not everyone is an expert at mapping. I think you need to appreciate the time these people put into their creations. Just because it doesn't look the greatest doesn't mean they don't have good ideas. Just give the mappers a break man. To the guy that does this site... do you make your own maps?? If so, why don't you post your own and see what others think, instead of bashing everyone elses and influencing visitors. OK.
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tapped unregistered
#7   05 Jan 2000
good map... i get the jittering in parts, too, for some reason. don't care for the hidden jump pads, as it feels unfinished, appearance-wise... maybe take 'em out and require a rocket jump? =)

rest is nice though... i like it.

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Peej unregistered
#6   05 Jan 2000
Scale is good, but thats about it. it feels very un-polished, could have done with a load more beta testing. and the "missing" jumppad is just stupid and helps to add to the un-polishedness of the whole map.
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Dr. Feelgood unregistered
#5   05 Jan 2000
Apperance: Nice, conservative, solid look with a few curves. Loved the fog. Overall felt like a Good q1 or q2 map. Good attention to detail (didn't like the hidden jump points).

Playability: Fantastic. I really enjoyed the flow to this lvl. Good item choices and placement.

Bots: did pretty well.

Overall I really enjoyed this lvl. Maybe a little flash next time to take advantage of what Q3 can do, but I will play this lvl all the time and that is the true measure!

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#4   05 Jan 2000
If the map DOES NOT have bot support i'll mention it.

I think all maps should be released with bot support, otherwise they feel unfinished to me. Bottom line - if its missing I'll tell you :]

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Gerry unregistered
#3   05 Jan 2000
LvL-Could you please also state in the review somewhere if the map has bot support? That would be a nice addition. Thanks!
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etweaker unregistered
#2   05 Jan 2000
my bad map does work.

Good looking map but for some reason it jerks in some areas, but will still have it on my server.

Love the hidden jump....:)

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etweaker unregistered
#1   05 Jan 2000
map won't load.

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