The Court of the Vadrigar
The Court of the Vadrigar by Harrynator
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Groo unregistered
#4   27 Jun 2000
I don´t know whats up with you, this map is small but fast ´n´ fun.
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Luke-Skywalker unregistered
#3   11 May 2000
Its about as embaressing as my stint wearing "Happy" pants. Maybe the Build engine is a good starting place for this guy.
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OO7MIKE unregistered
#2   08 May 2000
Well it looks nice....The game play is ruined by the water and its passageways. Getting the bfg is a snap but getting the rocket launcher takes a bit more time. Dont get me started on the bots!

5/10 nice looks and framerates are the only thing that saves this map.

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NNY unregistered
#1   08 May 2000
this map does not work

bad AAS and more

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